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Life-saving ah - a golf cart on the exterior design

tianhe19492010-02-01 01:02:13 +0000 #1
life-saving ah - now need a golf cart on the shape of the graduate design, but does not know what to start with. Would like to know the detailed shape design What is the process, as well as those who are the main parameters, according to what is calculated. Design of electric motors or not to go? Hey --- Which can save me ah ----
Kaiser-Lin Na2010-02-01 01:07:55 +0000 #2
1. Maintenance going?

The car used in skin care products, are high-level goods, also need a few thousand a year. No two electric vehicles well maintained, for example: tire rolling, and this car there's no inner tube, for a 376RMB, more than just a number, nor is it just pick up a 4S store can sell you win.

2. Speed unhappy?

Although you can speed, but the 4-wheel car, and certainly not in the bicycle trail open to motor vehicles Road open, but the speed of motor vehicles Road, is also too slow, would have been accused of, and the quality of light, than the QQ more dangerous.

Example: You have full speed ahead, next to the car a Ð rub, you do not drift 1080 degrees strange,

3. The price?

A standard two-seater club car more expensive than the QQ, you say

4. Endurance capacity of the battery output power

100% of the cases, the ground should be able to open more than six hours, after that, charging little to lose at least 4 hours. Charge of professional transformer needs to do.

In summary: do not recommend you to kick-off car, you are a good idea. My car every day and the ball, together with the wrong answer, only a small few.
huhuaipeng5202010-02-01 01:27:58 +0000 #3
1. appearance of generosity, convenient

2. metallic materials selection

3. drive mode with the external shape with the

4. driver's position and after the loading box design



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