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Point of view on the issue of golf clubs

liuxw59662010-02-01 03:01:03 +0000 #1
golf clubs of the angle / elevation angle / loft angle standard definition for that?

There are golf clubs there is no international standard of length
foxhaver2010-02-01 03:04:53 +0000 #2
Bounce bounce

due to the classification of wedge in the club is a separate category, without full swing, and the need for more swing technique. Point of view than the iron weight of large and large, most notably distinctive ---- bottom with large rebound angle.

If we take the wedge flat on the ground made the ball position, the rod hit the bottom of the bottom of the back edge, while the front is to tilt, so that bottom and flat on the ground rod angle is formed by a rebound angle.

Sand wedge bounce angle related to the deal the green side bunker shot and cut the ball quality. When the sand bar at the bottom of the sand hit the bottom, it will prevent a rebound angle head into the sand too deep. The same corner will also rebound too long fairway grass, or play a role.

Rebound angle of angle from 0-20 degrees (wedge poles are marked with a rebound angle of reading) for different course conditions. In general, the higher bounce angle for the soft sandy or wet soft fairways.

Rod will also affect the width of the underside of the role of a rebound angle. The more wide-bottom, the more can increase the bounce effect, the more difficult to head into the sand

surface Citation angle face angle

face Citation angle Leverage refers to the wood surface direction. Most of the wood of the face direction is towards the front of the fight against the target area is called the natural orientation of the face (Nature Face); some of them are left-right point or point, is called an open face (Open Face ) or closed-face (Close Face). is the degree of open or closed face angle cited.

Wood club head against a closed or open surface will easily lead to hook or slice the ball, which is affecting the direction or amend Qiulu batting an important factor.

Pass often slice the ball hit the best choice for Friends of the wooden face off head, is now generally are closed to Draw wooden rod surface. Whether you like this face, but it definitely is very effective.

Professional players because of swing speed, but mostly Qiulu hook, they are suitable choice of 0.5-degree loft open woods.

Iron there is no such a say.


angle hosel of the clubhead at the bottom of the golf club close to the ground, ground plane and head and neck under the angle of branch formation is called hosel angle, but also in this state into the shaft by the angle with the ground. Some people say that the head and the hosel loft angle is as important as the person's Renduermai.

Rod neck angle shot mainly affect the direction and accuracy, different people require different hosel club point of view in order to ensure the accuracy of shots. If the hosel does not meet the terms of your size, posture and swing, then you hit the ball will be very off the mark.

Best shot every time we hit bottom and bottom parallel to the ground, the ball will fly directly, if the rod toe (head front) tilt, hit the ball may not be sweet, but Zola will have the ball, we call this Support club too steep, they should reduce the number of hosel angle, that is, the smaller the angle that the hosel.

And vice versa, if the ball, the rod with the tilt, hit the ball will be the right side, it should be transferred to a bigger hosel angle.


Loft Loft is a club of the most important factor in common is the driver, Iron-Wood, special wedges clearly marked Loft, irons rarely marked. That is, the club face and the angle between the vertical line on the ground

Loft can control the ball, after take-off angle and spin, these three factors determine the angle and distance of ball flight.

Each club face angle are different, so the different clubs to play a different distance. Even if the entire ball Leverage long are the same, as long as the loft not the same, playing the ball out with will be significantly different.

Angle of trajectory, the lower the smaller, farther away; point of view the higher the larger the trajectory. Usually 5 iron loft is 28 degrees, adjacent to the angle of the club on the 2nd difference of 4 degrees after hitting a distance difference of 10-15 yards. In general the angle of the club even worse numbers can not be less than 3 degrees nor more than 5 degrees.

A shot in the end how far can play, depending on each person's swing speed, face angle and angle of take-off caused by the former two.
Purple Bamboo Song Xi2010-02-01 03:12:24 +0000 #3
length and weight are all of international standards! Specifications and specifications of the Asia Europe and the United States.

Every brand inclination / elevation angle / loft angle will be sold there is little difference between sales.

Key is to control the ball the distance, direction, and play ball!
Soft Motion Picture Arts2010-02-01 03:28:58 +0000 #4
golf clutch pedal is quite a stretch, and made water-ying, I often turn off ----
2010-02-01 03:47:08 +0000 #5
. What is a WOOD / IRON?

Woods: In the past the "wood" of course is the wooden (and the origin of the name), but now there are a variety of different materials. Generally speaking, the volume of wood slightly larger than the other clubs. Wood is a typical long-distance clubs, which means that its distance is more important than accuracy. Drivers are usually '1 'wood, club face angle is generally between 8 to 12 degrees (angle of 0 degrees, said the club face perpendicular to the ground).

Irons: Irons were originally made of iron, but now mostly steel. Irons than the wood is small, generally regarded as sophisticated clubs, pay attention to the accuracy of the use of more so at a distance.

2. What is the meaning the number of clubs?

Large figures represent the club face angle. The lower the number, said loft angle of the lower clubs longer. The lower the club face longer result is farther away, but the lower the accuracy. It is equivalent to number of smaller clubs more difficult to play.

3. A number of clubs?

A set of golf clubs shall not be limited to more than 14. The composition of the package depends on personal preferences.

Usually a set of clubs include the following:

Irons: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, PW

Woods: 1,3,5 and putter. This does not mean that every play must be to bring these clubs. Beginners can carry a Driver (1-wood) or 3-wood, 3,5,7 each one, and 9-iron, plus a putter.

Wooden type of wooden: Basically there are two types of wood, persimmon, and maple. 'Hard head usually persimmon wood. 'Sheet laminated (plywood) and head usually maple. Head sheet metal laminated wood is made to undergo complicated. The production process is similar to copy a key. The second is the most commonly used wood head is made of maple. Generally speaking, 1 / 16 English? Maple inlaid panels are similar way to suppress made of plywood. Such inlay panel through heating and pressure, finally made a similar persimmon wood club head. Many golf players pointed out that the impact force persimmon wood head feels more solid, but this has no basis in fact. Some golfers are more preferred laminated maple head on the ground that must be more durable.

Metal rod: Bao-cast metal head very popular, mainly because the proportion of peripheral through an additional control (this is not the original design intent, but rather the product casting process so that more moderate weight distribution). Hollow cast stainless steel club head so as to avoid too heavy, hollow part of the usual perfusion Polyurethane noise abatement. Many people noted that the first metal wood swing with or without a hit when the center can increase the distance.

Graphite: common shaft made of graphite materials are also often used to head. Between the two slightly different production techniques. Colloidal graphite prepreg mixture ABS plastic, and within the injection molding head. The second version is based on epoxy prepreg made of gel, and then compress the mixture into a mold. Graphite head made of wood and metal club head weight and the same, but usually larger than usual head. This can increase the "sweet spot" size. However, test results can not prove that the graphite material of the head head better than any other swing, or longer distances.

Increasing size: the head is generally accepted that increased size, usually made of stainless steel or graphite, sweet spot area is relatively large. Even if the shots off-center, but also allows the flight track for longer, straighter. If you use a stainless steel head, face to be thinner in order to maintain the overall weight of a normal (1-wood is 191 - 205 grams). This will cause some metal woods rupture or concave face. A result, some manufacturers are launching medium-sized metal woods, so that sweet spot as large, but the thickness of the head remain unchanged so as not to concave.

Metal rod matrix composite face: In order to meet the increased size of the head, manufacturers are starting to use face insert (usually made of plastic, graphite or lightweight metal). This can produce a larger size face but do not worry about cracking or concave face. This can also reduce the weight of the whole face. Of metal woods, the face insert is a relatively new design, on the swing action and tolerance in the wrong capacity has not yet released any test results.



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