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What the future development of the domestic golf? Golf income of the posts how much?

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Tsat Tze Fan2010-02-01 03:17:10 +0000 #2
Status: the rapid development of

Future: great potential for the high altar

the world's superstar Gary Player, long-term support for China's golf development, is still regularly come to China to visit his golf course design, " Chinese golf to the moment of take off, more high-quality construction and opening of the stadium, while emergence of a large number of outstanding professional, amateur players, they are the image of China's golf ambassador, from them we have seen the future of golf. "
2006 season will be 6 games staged in China, international professional competitions, the world's golf in China is also growing concern

Job Title: caddy in charge of a monthly salary of 3000 to No limit

Job Title: Membership Secretary, a monthly salary of 2000-4000

Job Title: caddy Another tip a monthly salary of 2000-4000 depends mainly on account caddy tip

Job Title: Practice Area Attendant salary 2000

Job Title: Golf Cart Technician salary 3000 to No limit

Job Title: Membership Manager 4000

Job Title: assistant golf professional athletes 3000

Job Title: accounting staff 2000

Job Title: Membership Services Manager 3000

Job Title: Membership Sales and Marketing Manager 4000 to No limit

Job Title: Golf Director, 5000 to No limit

Job Title: Chief Accountant for more than a monthly salary of 5000
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Where there is a fixed ah ...



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