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Golf course design specifications are what? What are things that have to do ah?

Love Watercolor2010-02-03 04:01:03 +0000 #1

leiwen1002010-02-03 04:11:13 +0000 #2
- "What's design?"

My friends know my occupation, the first reaction of almost all ask.

- "Is not heap on the grass bag digging it?"

Asked by including my classmates, a group of architects - I was born in architecture. For such "no goods" problem, usually a simple answer: "is also a design discipline." General such a reply would be understood why the other side like, sorry to ask go, eliminating the need for more bickering.

Indeed, the discipline to explain the clear, state clearly whether it really is not a 2.

Eighties of the Chinese families to see someone's home paved floor leather, wall of wallpaper paste, and even done a ceiling, installed ceiling, often tut sigh in admiration that this is a renovated, which is designed . Looking back to see is clearly ridiculous. This is mainly due to changes in cognitive level.

Golf in China this situation, and that similar. Golf in China is still too small congregation of a campaign, many people do not understand how golf is going on. So, to explain the clear design of this profession, may have to start from court chatter.

What is a golf course?

- In the world this is not golf course, play ball in the above so many people, it becomes the playing field.

With other design disciplines, like the earliest golf there is no designer, in the initial stage, but the use of functional requirements, gradually formed a certain regulatory requirements, with some fixed pattern.

However, with the required standard to improve people's pursuit has been satisfied with just the basic use of features, more things that have been put forward additional, more meaning is given, so the designer's career on the shape.

Golf Course suggests that it is using the game of golf venues. Playing golf, is simply from a designated starting point, with special ball with the ball finally hit the end of a specified - so the end is a hole diameter of about 11 cm. Once on shore, one such operator fairway.

Then, starting from the end of 18 such constitutes a game, which is composed of 18 fairways a standard golf course.

- Why is 18 the number, the reasons for divergent views, but as early as a few hundred years ago in Scotland to be fixed before the 9 + 9 = 18 post-holes for a standard course is well established.

However, 18 Road, composition and combination of a variety of forms (this makes golf different from other ball games), usually has four par-fives, four par three holes, 10 par four, through interspersed with, and thus constitutes a par-72.

(A lot of people misunderstand that 72 is the standard practice according to land size, 70,71,73,74 can be regarded as the standard pitch. However, some courts as a routine operation par 72, while the professional game as a 71, the general is to a certain short period of five holes as the four holes.)

The model of a modern golf course starting at the seaside links course in Scotland. This links-style main features are: sand, sea breeze, multi-shrub and without a tree, but also the formation of the most basic combination of elements of the fairway: tee, sand, short grass areas, rough, greens.

A few hundred years, with the stadium to the inland migration of the natural environment in which changes in pitch. Adapted to local conditions, the golf course have also shown a diversity of. Stadium-style definition of the natural environment alone there: beach, mountains, forests, deserts, parks, wetlands.

But no matter what style of golf course, golf in Scotland to form the most important elements: tee, sand, short grass areas, rough, greens, these are always essential, but on this basis, an increase of reservoirs, or the trees, and other common elements.

Designer's job is to take reasonable and the mobilization of these elements, layout, forming one of the fairways, and then by building an attractive fairways golf course.

Having said that still seems so simple, "not that emit 18 Mody Road?", "Who can draw ah!"

Today, people have recognized architect or interior designer is professionals in specialized fields, including the recognition that people should have a dedicated road designers, but is no longer "many people go on into the road by."

In fact, golf designers in the nature of their work in the area and these designers are the same.

Many people even a house that everyone can sketch drawings, such as the peasant brothers "three large tile-roofed house." However, not everyone can be referred to as the architect.

Similarly, any person may be able to draw 18 Road, but not everyone can be called a golf course designer.

All the design ideas eventually become a kind is the need for a comprehensive set of drawings to support.

A true work of interior designers will include space, function, materials, plumbing pipes, and many other electrical problems addressed and resolved.

Similarly, the golf design in a reasonable route after layout, there will be more strategic design, design, water supply and drainage system design, as well as greens, bunkers, tee of the detail design, as well as reservoirs, landscape detail design, and so on.

The individual branches only in the general under the control of a competent designer can achieve mutual support and complement each other, so that the initial road map to meet the requirements to become a reasonable course.

Also, only the truly qualified designers, in order to ensure maximum use of primary resources, creating a "belongs to the land" design works to make their pitch more features, so that the stadium construction costs more reasonable, so that course more long-term vitality.

Most importantly, only a real designer, will it be possible to design for people to appreciate the charm of golf "course" rather than branded golf wanting to change name of "Park."
linxianzi20082010-02-03 04:21:21 +0000 #3
You can go to "Industry Standard Network" go there a standard number and check with your keyword, industry-standard network, a great amount of the standard input, I heard that there are more than 10000 standards, to the standard network engineering is also very easy to find the standard It is learned that using intelligent search engine, you can enter the standard numbers can easily identify the relevant standard!

You Baidu "Industry-standard network" into the home page to find the standard number or keyword you can find the relevant standards of the!



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