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Domestic Where can we buy Yamaha Golf (YAMAHA GOLF), very grateful!

wodeyundong082010-02-03 04:01:52 +0000 #1

a flute thin air2010-02-03 04:16:13 +0000 #2
Yamaha Golf is a high-end luxury golf equipment in the international and Asian markets performed well. Heard that Taiwan has begun to have, some time ago also saw the trial Yamaha golf will be played, and feeling good. I turn to you to see a description. Hehe. To listen to friends in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Chengdu, Tianjin, Chongqing, Xi'an, Kunming, Shenyang, Dalian, Qingdao has been authorized by the Yamaha golf golf retailers selling a Yamaha golf ball a.

YAMAHA golf ultimate luxury, honor your enjoy

YAMAHA golf, an enchanting luxury golf equipment brand, has always been and continue to create a miracle. The beginning of 2009, she had fully landed in China, China's golf fans will bring a whole new wing to enjoy the perfect golf trip.

From musical family of YAMAHA golf, every detail of every exhibit luxury, elegance, beauty, harmony, fine qualities; near-perfect design and manufacturing process, making this 30-year-old brand with a wide range of access to employment , amateur players favor, becoming the world's market performance in Asia and the most eye-catching one of the high-end golf equipment.

2009 to introduce China's new inpresX series and GRX series, let the Chinese golf fans feel YAMAHA zero distance luxury golf, distinguished, each a work can be termed as a collection of a model, each owner had praise its ultra - distance with the perfect combination of superior handling.

Super-long-distance and superior control of the perfect combination of

3X-Multiface pole-face design, Multiple EI shaft adjustment, as well as the vertical gear effect based on the best center of gravity design, these three power transmission improvements, making YAMAHA golf equipment to be a revolutionary breakthrough.

Swing speed without changing the premise, the distance can increase an average of 10 yards. Accompanied by an increase in the distance, the ball's touch is still good, sound, crisp sound, retaining the superior handling and excellent shot effect, worthy of the distance and the perfect combination of handling.

2009 New inpresX Series exploit the advantages of technology to the limit; a large number of statistical finally identified rpm design concepts and technical parameters, using vertical gear effect, a final settlement of the post-spin and flight distance of the best match problem.

GRX series is the pinnacle of most worth for collection, as a constant in order to enjoy the ultimate luxury and self-transcendence of the clubs, the application of wide-ranging and all costs of all high-tech materials and advanced manufacturing processes; lightweight full titanium clubhead , 3X-Multiface face, as well as accurate to micron-pole set; finally created a GRX series in the leading role of the field throughout the club.

Rich Oriental charm

as the world's well-known golf equipment brands, YAMAHA congenital already have a lot of brands can not match advantage. In the YAMAHA's history, such as Hiroyuki Fujita's top players, famous players standings characters, they are loyal supporters of YAMAHA products.

YAMAHA belonging to the legendary star, but in China's first meeting, but many people did not know. As an Eastern brand, it is well versed in Oriental temperament, more in line with Asian aesthetic, disseminated a strong oriental flavor. In the elegant shape science and technology under the inherent power, for the Asian body design, widely used in high-tech materials, thousands of times of trial and error and correction, and finally accomplish in the world-renowned master's hands. All these make the design of YAMAHA golf has the power to transcend nature, leading a high-end golf equipment trends.

YAMAHA excellent YAMAHA group Group in musical instruments, auto parts, as well as golf has been in a leading position in the field, always seeking the perfect coordination of public value, it is these achievements the glory of the YAMAHA world. In 1993, the first titanium golf club on the creation from YAMAHA.

YAMAHA Golf human design, high-tech process, the overall hardness with softness just right to maximize a club function.

There is no doubt, YAMAHA golf brand in the Chinese market will be adjourned to the legend.
Wind Dark2010-02-03 04:22:25 +0000 #3
first tank of fuel burn, and what impressed me most was the driving GG and feel I am satisfied that, whether it is accurate or high speed cornering stability, even subtle changes in the road will be passed to the hands through the steering wheel



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