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Immo2010-02-03 05:02:11 +0000 #1
learn to play golf about six months time, probably once a week, savvy relatively poor, still very low. Until use COPY rod, is now growing interest in golf, so consider buying a genuine club.

I saw two sets are CLEVELAND's .. do not know so why is the preference for this brand a little bit ... for no reason

1. Cleveland Tour Action. The bar is said to be designed for the complete novice pole are black, but Cleveland's official website there is no introduction on this set .. may be because they are low-end products.

2. Cleveland Launcher driver, + Cleveland HiBore XLS Fairway + Cleveland CG4 irons + Cleveland putter .. G4 is an older article, but friends say this hard-core fighting is very comfortable ... (in fact, he is also the novice).

Will we have any suggestions? Or what other options
ccad1233212010-02-03 05:11:39 +0000 #2
Since you only like cleveland rod that I will focus for you to talk about it

Cleveland Tour Action you say this rod is a set of more than 4000 pieces of money, right?

Clubhead to increase the stability of large indeed suitable for novice

The bar can not be said because even high-end low-end products novice need not take more

only the pole to suit their own set of clubs for you then you

There can be used hundreds of thousands of his kind of technology is not high enough to where to go is to add the gold just nothing

Also you said out of the rod with the set of their first suggest you try it themselves and then what you the current level should use the R, I've used HiBore XLS hardness of the wood

has a drawback on the 1st face of the groove is shallow so not easy to create friction and not easy to control the direction of wanted to come to this Series Fairway Woods Ye should be about

For the launcher on the 1st wood I have not used this as it is more loyal to the callaway

CG4 irons really is quite a classic to try your own know

because you are a novice I recommend that you use the first option because of at the present stage and is not expensive

later you will definitely pulls rod

I usually play golf almost 15 you can ask me if there are problems



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