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Van can hold a number of golf balls

Sqzhidao1l232010-02-03 06:02:09 +0000 #1
Xiao Xiao ZZ2010-02-03 06:09:06 +0000 #2
the legend of the Google product manager for surface examination questions. . . .

Read title key words "school bus" "loaded down", "golf" problem "how many." What is the use of school buses used exclusively to set the students inside the school educators. Golf is. A kind of sports equipment. Or a commodity (not to consumers). Short of a cargo. We have a common sense, and only trucks can shipments, while the passenger of the class can not be used for shipment of goods, or breach of the relevant traffic laws. Thus, we can easily see the. In fact, he is not a test subject of the volume of our judgments. But rather to see whether we understand the relevant knowledge. Product manager positions are not only wants us to take into account the technical feasibility, but also take into account relevant laws and regulations, people can afford. Do not developed the product is very good, but you can not go on sale or any consumers.

So, the answer is a can not be loaded. Because the school bus is used to set students and educators use. Can not be used to consolidate goods.



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