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You can play golf as far as how far, how high up you can play? How many meters off the ground?

jidaduo2010-02-03 07:01:26 +0000 #1
The best to source.
huanganyi_02010-02-03 07:11:02 +0000 #2
1992 HEB Texas Open, Oak Hill Country Club, Carl. Cooper (Carl Cooper) hitting a ball, setting a record of the longest trip in the history of golf. The 31-year-old PGA Tour Disgraced, in the tee ball is kicked the ball Zhaoyou side. Little white ball flying 300 yards after the fall golf driveway, along the asphalt road, one after another to move towards a downhill roll. Surprising is that this just blame the balls rolling across the green No. across the fifth tee, Naotomo 12th green numbers ran; the final stop on the court roll Wai-chain somewhere. Cooper's caddy only partial measurements of the ball travel up to 787 yards, half a mile away. Cooper kick down his hole, its caddy viewers want to throw the ball. Cooper to prevent, said: "This is golf in the history of a little white ball go the farthest." Referring to what is reserved for the ball it up

not rolling away from the permanent collection, the first landing as far as it seems more than 270 m, height more than 20 meters



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