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Bo breeds of dogs to play golf in the general rules?

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If the race by the bad weather affected or reduced because of any accident, bet settlement will be the official results to prevail, and the do not take into account the amount of laps.

Players out first ball, said that the player has been put into play, all bets will be involved in the entry into force of the Championship. Outright bets will be settled on the official authorities promulgated the final race contenders prevail. Regardless of the outcome in the final race of the link increases, the winner shall be final contenders.

If a bets stagnation and the lack of progress, or the progress is not included in the official scores, the bets will be considered null and void, and the capital return.

For the team-based competitions such as the Ryder Cup, if the game has not been completed, the players have agreed to stop the game, bets will be settled on the tournament's governing body issued the official results to prevail.

Such as the end of the race tied rankings, for example, four players sharing 10th place, bets will be settled as four players are the first 10 terms, regardless of the outcome of the rules will apply.



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