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GOLF What do you mean

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Love, such as air2010-01-18 15:05:32 +0000 #2
GOLF is a golf English words.

"Golf" intended as "the green space and fresh air, good life." This is evident from the English word GOLF golf can be seen: G-Green; O-oxygen; L-Sunshine; F-foot activity. It is a pleasure to enjoy nature, sports, exercise and game rolled into one movement.

According to legend, Scotland is the birthplace of golf, when shepherds drive sheep often bludgeoned by stones, competition hit too far and accurately, this is the early golf.

19th century, golf balls into the United States. In 1922, the world's first international competition was the United States to the UK, "Walker Cup" Golf Tournament. Golf in the early 20th century to China. Outdoor game of golf is on the vast grassland, is located 9 or 18 points. Players hit the ball into the hole one by one in order to hit a small number of the winner. Competition singles and groups of two general points.

1860, England held its first golf Open. During the year, India, Canada, New Zealand, the United States and other countries have also been organized competitions, then international, intercontinental till the game world. Now the World Cup, England and the U.S. Open three games, can be said that the highest levels of golf competition
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nothing special like it

is the game of golf.



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