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What an eagle golf ball? Birdie? Etc. Knowledge

Known trails2010-02-14 07:20:22 +0000 #1
Please Gao Ren was introduced to the relevant rules of golf.
Tezuka Jun Xi2010-02-14 07:34:42 +0000 #2
"Pa" (PAR): hit the hole and the par score for the same

"Birdie" (BIRDIE): batting score below par 1

"eagle" (EAGLE): less than the standard score 2

"recharge" (BOGEY): batting score more than the standard score is divided into a total of 1

3 hole, 4 hole, 5

par-three forms of the distance from each fairway decision to par this hole is a few.

3 holes, three on the hole, and called par.

Generally speaking, a two-putt on the greens is a standard, three-hole is the tee when a hit green, then two-putted. This is par.

If you only spent a push, with a total score of 2 only, that is, one less than the standard shot, it is a birdie.

4-hole Similarly, two hit the green, two putts on the greens. A total of four, that is par of the.

5 holes, three shots hit the green, a two-putt greens, a total of 5, par.

For professional masters, they particularly like to play five holes, because they fight distance,

2 is easier to reach the five-hole green, then two-putted, a total of four, that is, birdie.

Of course, do not have to push the two, in short, no matter the method used, as long as less than the standard one end of the rod through the hole, the hole results is -1, that is, birdie.
Fashion Wardrobe 22010-02-14 07:42:22 +0000 #3
"China Golf Network" has everything you are looking for!


Tee tee golfers made the first one for each hole the ball flat areas. They must tee ball between two marks. This also means golfers can only be used in the first ball of wood or plastic spike, the ball lifted, so playing easier.

The Green greens in the hole around the very flat area. The grass is very unique in this region are conducive to players pushing the ball into the hole.

Fairway fairway from tee to green the grass between the wide area.

Rough rough edge of the fairway areas, grass longer, it is not easy to play.

Hole-hole golf course, a total of 18 holes. From the tee, composed of the fairways and greens. Also refers to a matter of fact-hole golf players want the ball into the hole, usually inserted inside a flag to indicate.

 Pin Tung was in fact holes in another way, there is a flag to indicate.

Par Par refers to the golfer the ball into the designated hole should use the standard, or play a specific number. Usually the hole length and difficulty of the decision, usually 3-5 shots. 18-hole total score should be 72. Once on shore, when the players run out of a hole the same number of scores, then they used to set the standard for this hole under the same amount.

Birdie Birdie is the golfer to use a hole for par to set a small amount of kick down a hole. For example, is a 4-under par, but using only three players to kick down the hole.

Eagle eagle refers to the golfer using the par for a hole to set the number of small two kick down a hole.

Bogie bogey golfer is used to set the standard for a hole shot over a number of kick down a hole.

Banker set up around the golf course bunker sand. There are some special rules apply to the players how to play the ball from the sand inside. Shot from the bunker where the ball is very difficult.

Hazard obstacles to the local players is not easy to play, or something. There are some special rules apply. Including ponds, rivers and lakes, which is called the water obstacles. If they hit the ball into the obstacles, the player can discard the ball, and then from a special place to play, you can also lead to free throws.

Divot turf (cut down) golfers cut down or cut down after hitting the turf.

Driver Driver (No. 1) has a big head round the big wooden stick used to hit the ball long distances. Golf player's own ball bag may not be prepared. Big-hitting is to use wood No. 1 hit the ball long distances.

Putter putter has Xiaoping Tou clubs, used to push the ball on the greens, so shot the ball into the hole. To "putt" is to push the ball with his putter.

Iron irons do with metal rod, with the angle of the head is used in the distance off the tee. Golfer will bring many of these shots. The smaller the pole number (for example, 4-iron), hit the ball farther.

Pitch hack hit a very short and high shots, usually near the edge of the greens hit, or in bunkers outside or to cross a certain object.

Wedge Sand Wedge is a pole or a special kind of iron, in the head with a greater angle, the rear designed to be smooth, as from a bunker at a very short and high shots

Caddy Caddy is responsible for stadium for the professional golf players back pack, it is recommended golfers shot selection and skill people. Caddies usually get their rewards golfers of services 10-15%.

Under PAR under-par golfers hit the ball lower than par. For example, less than the par-3 yes yes means the golfer won the same day, below the target of the three results.

Cut-cut when the events to be held two days later, down from 156 players ( "cut" to) about 70 players. If the player "got cut," they will continue to play in the post two days. If they "lost cut" will be excluded from the competition outside.

Round round of a "wheel" is a 18-hole. Players for a day, the game

Front / Back 9 before / after 9, 18 hole 9 hole golf course has been divided into two groups. Pre-9 (1-9 holes) is called before the 9 or outside the 9, then 9 (10-18 holes) is called after 9, or within nine.

Pro. Professional athletes, Professional (professional athletes) acronym refers to those who play golf for a living person, has been playing golf professional tournament qualifications.

Tours inspection refers to official supervision of a professional golf organization professional game. This includes inspections in Europe, Asia, Australia, inspections or inspections on behalf of

PGA Professional Golf Association

"Fore" when golf was accidentally hit one person to another, the word was shouted to warn the person hiding dodge. If you hear the word, hand-stamped with your head and face

No. 19 hole golf jargon middle finger at the 19th hole is the clubhouse in the pub, where golfers are in their kick down after 18 holes, play Enjoy Johnnie Walker Black Label.




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