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Beijing Where to buy golf equipment is better.

my87662010-02-14 07:20:28 +0000 #1
1:00-end brands, about 200,000 of a stroke.
life limited2010-02-14 07:30:21 +0000 #2
find shops, Beijing should be a lot of stores, where the golf course is not recommended to buy, there are generally a set of rod 200,000 can be regarded as very high, and probably only the Japanese would be more both functional and collection of values, you can find like HONMA, MIZUNO, BRIDGESTONE ... a more well-known international brands such as the U.S. Department can choose CALLAWAY, COBRA-like brand, general purchasing, the ball will be attached to a sense of some instructions, as well as on the ball with there will be laser coding, and some companies can check whether the code to prove genuine, be careful not to buy fake Luo.



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