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Which local production in China the best golf equipment?

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golf wind fans the world, golf enthusiasts growing golf industry has become one of the world's three major sports industry, golf How can this be a magical experience? In this paper, three aspects together with you to enjoy and explore.


Golf Course pleasant, whether living in downtown, or hidden in the countryside, golf course designers and builders will always be nature's intricate to bare slopes, rocks of the hills, barren loess into the creation of financial and natural as a whole, broad, harmonious and elegant pieces of a beautiful picture, and does not leave traces of artificial carving. Entered the stadium, greeted by a green, green grass oil, and accompanied by swing stacked undulating fairways, sometimes meandering, sometimes extended, like a song "Ode to Joy" and score, excellent Yang and lingering. Light walking on the grass, the soft, moderate, like heaven walk deep into the stadium, many hearts you stroll Ting Bo tree, in twos and threes standing on both sides of the fairway. Sun, trees and grass off each other, with a smile will be sent to the guests welcome. Wind and rain, they sway in the wind whirling, as if laughing at sea by waves. The greens as if the green of the Kingdom of the princess, delicate, supple, quiet, elegant, yet hidden, playful strange, hard to fathom, the players cheered, frustration, upset almost all written in her face, here is the story pitch most places. The fairway, green side, then one by one white sand, floating in the blue sky during the day as a piece of the clouds at night hanging in the branches like a curved moon, as well as a walk through on the golf course green Road, Qing Zhe's streams, reservoirs, although they are not playing people like Jian Zhao is not a detour, that is, volley flew over, but they are green in the treasure, like the grass, like their mother, nourishing, nurturing it growth. Driving Slowly in its winding paths, swaying near neriifolia, Shiba waves, the distance may be stacked endlessly rising barrier peaks, perhaps an oasis in a sea, may be row upon row of tall buildings, but regardless of this pair of landscapes What is the background, exposure to them, not to mention hitting a ball, just look around, are also very help but have a "fairyland" feeling.

Looking down from a height, a golf course, as embedded in the earth's emerald pearl and bright. After the rain overlooking the golf course, Piaoqi a faint mist, as the court covered with a layer of veil, and if put on the bride's wedding, full of looming mysterious atmosphere. Course is not only large areas of flowers and trees verdant, gorgeous, but also to maintain soil and water, clean air. Some studies showed that in cities the air quality around the golf course much better than other parts of the golf course this has been called "the city's lungs", "natural oxygen bar." Pleasant golf course views wins, always exudes its dazzling brilliance.

Is obsessed with golf

If the beauty of the golf course hosting the Games as a girl, golf girl was a sight to behold is the culture of the temperament, the combination of both the achievements of the game of golf such a "masterpiece beautiful woman", so that when the public sport stand out, as quoted in countless heroes King, "bow down" for her obsession for her crazy. In the United States, from the president down to the civilian population, golf is indispensable to their lives happy. In Japan, less than 370 thousand square kilometers land area of the island there are more than 1,200 types of pitches, the players nearly 10 million people, it was a game of golf intoxicated people. Some people say that, playing in a golf, just like going through a life's journey, silver ball flew over the undulating slopes to the arc, across the wide reservoirs, latent bunker escape, bending and winding fairways bloodshed everywhere, both be careful, but also a bold attack. Jie ao unruly golf challenge, we will surely inspire people to nature, conquest of desire. From etiquette to golf handicap system for golf have sought to regulate sexual and fairness, it embodies the distinguished, elegant temperament, making movement in the campaign 1:00 gaffes and mistakes can not be too fat Wumingzhihuo, 1:00 luck strike must not be happy too early. Once on shore, a ball, the pride of success, but also failures discouraged; are pleased, but also regret; why so many people lamented that "the ball is like life."

Golf Course is not only a professional player expeditions of the battlefield, but for all sports enthusiasts, leisure paradise. Golf broad minded, able to embrace all those who love to its people. Down to the age of five children, from the old man, regardless of sex, age, and regardless of height, body type, can in the stacked undulating mountains, hills, trees and the sun echo the environment, the marching grass, around streams, determine the objectives, Qiao Jin shot, as appropriate, putting a few hours down, physical and mental pleasure, food for thought. Halma and caution about the same in, the coexistence of passion and regret How can we help introduce obsession with golf charm.

Merit outstanding golf

game of golf to meet people's spiritual and cultural life, while the demand for social and economic role and contribution of very large. NGF, according to statistics, the United States to the end of 2002, there are 15827 golf courses and 36.7 million golf participants, representing the country's population of more than 13%, reflecting not only the pitches and the concept of consumption, the number of people, but contains a group of attractive investment, market efficiency, government revenue and other economic data. In 2003 the world's top sports stars of income chart, the U.S. golf star Tiger Woods to 60 million U.S. dollars • champion, which reflect the status and role of golf.

At present, China's golf club has grown to 210 or so golf regular attendance of about 40 million people. Of which more than 20 million people are mainly domestic private entrepreneurs, finance, securities, information industry and other corporate executives, lawyers, sports people and some of the successful community-service and retirement of civil servants. In addition nearly 20 million people are mainly expatriates and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan players. Beginners and preferences across the country the number of golf in more than 100 million people.

Two decades, China's golf club's annual growth rate of up to 45%, and gradually formed with a certain economic scale industries. According to incomplete statistics, the past two decades Golf Club direct investment more than 300 billion yuan. Ruoqiang land value and real estate-related projects included in the statistics, the number will double. Related industry, the economic effect is not to be underestimated, more than half of the world of golf with the ball clothes and others are in China. Game of golf to improve the city's ecological environment and investment environment, promote real estate, tourism and industrial development and the role of the third growing, contributed. In China, many foreign-funded enterprises which place, where the golf course, the more. Statistics show that the number of foreign-invested enterprises of China's cities and the number of golf holes are highly relevant, relevant degree of up to 80%. Nineties of the last century Guangdong, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou and other cities, the fastest growing golf club, attracting foreign investment is also up. Over the last few years, the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Sea area, golf clubs has noticeably accelerated the pace of development, while foreign investment in these areas the strongest growth. Beijing area golf market demand has been relatively strong, in addition to some domestic elites, the more foreigners in Beijing are the main reason. In many countries and regions, the government or multinational companies to enjoy golf membership regarded as a benefit expatriates. A large number of foreign investors in China's love of golf is the game of golf to improve the investment environment, one of the main. In addition, golf clubs and golf in the improvement of urban ecological environment, real estate, tourism and the promotion of the role is clear, flanking a wide range of effects.

In recent years, some of the city's real estate sights on the needs of people's living environment, high-end residential development around the golf club, golf, garden, golf apartments, real estate continue to be introduced to obtain excess returns. Shenzhen Tian An Golf Garden a few years ago, when the sale price higher than the other a large portion of real estate, but sold in great demand. According to statistics, a golf course near the section of the land value and market price compared to other regions with similar has always been the highest. Appreciation of the land for the Government's "treasury" increase a lot, "silver." Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as Japan, South Korea and China to increase the number of tourists in recent years, the larger one of the reasons is that in order to "golf resort." Golf can best embody the role of the tourism promotion area is Hainan, Yunnan, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Rim. Guangdong to golf as a key recommendation of the international tourism projects.

According to the Guangdong Provincial Tourism Bureau released information in 2004, Guangdong will attract more than 10 million people to play for overseas consumption, is expected to be brought 10 billion yuan in Guangdong market-related benefits scale. 2002 Golf Club in Shenzhen Co., Ltd. a Japanese person to play the Shenzhen ports of entry accounted for Japanese tourists about 15%. A weekend to fly to Seoul and Tokyo in Weihai, Shandong, Qingdao flights are often full, almost more than half of those who are playing. China's game of golf and golf clubs in the world is beginning to have an impact. Several leading the world's top players, such as the Tiger • Woods, Els and so has come to China to visit, tourism play demonstrations. Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Club's development not only led to an increase in the local foreign-funded enterprises and economic growth, while set in the Mission Hills golf culture as the core image of the characteristics and culture of cities and towns, so that Mission Hills has become a business card in Shenzhen, China 1 town. Shenzhen Golf Club professional player Zhang Lian-wei many times in the Asian golf tournament rule the roost by the international attention and praise from all sectors of society. Domestic golf enthusiasts in 2003, "SARS" after improved significantly increases, the pursuit of health, the pursuit of quality of life significantly enhanced awareness and demand for, a number of cities, golf driving ranges are often full of bits, night lights, silver balls fly The scene was crowded.



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