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Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Club Limited Recruitment

cheshujian2010-02-14 07:23:51 +0000 #1
August 27 I was at 32 points, in the Zhitong Talent Network Candidates of the "Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Club Limited" in a post on August 28 at 2 pm: 30 minutes or so, I received a call from the company, my cell phone caller ID yes :0755-28020888, and she called me two days to bring the relevant documents to the Mission Hills Golf Road on the 1st interview! Later, she Youji month extension number (0755-28032287) came to a strike at this phone, but I just checked online for other companies!

I am afraid is a liar in the Zhitong Talent Network to use "Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Club Limited" deceitful!

I am a fresh graduate, inexperienced depth, please those who have had relevant experience, help me please? ? Younger brother had this to say thank you
Black was transparent2010-02-14 07:31:38 +0000 #2
Note that prevention is better!

Present social cheater too much

I also can not give you the answer!

Or take a bar with friends in the past!



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