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Huijia Beijing Vocational College of golf technology and management

fish and simple-minded2010-02-14 07:24:14 +0000 #1
I was this session of the candidates, more than 370 points, want to go to Beijing Vocational College of Huijia Huijia

Will Beijing Vocational College of golf technology and management employment situation how, after coming out good looking do the work, the school said the package distribution is Really, most of them out to work, where ah? I'm going to this school and do not know how to Thank you help, and marriage is ah - now here, Thank you for the

I on these points, and I beg your pardon, first thank the
wilma302010-02-14 07:34:16 +0000 #2
First to answer your question,

whether the schools package distribution:

said that the distribution package I did not know, maybe now the school's policy has changed. We had never been seen when Bubaofenpei, but now the distribution of the school bag is a thousand miles so scarce, so good in this exchange can not say. Personally think that the package distribution that is Huyou. However, the school management should be recommended, such as faster time to graduation should be organizing a job fair.

Does Chambre d:

is not difficult to find a job in this profession, this is the only thing I do not deny.

Where will most of the work:

This is see you tend to learn what went after. Technology and management, if you love to play, I suggest you make good Lianqiu, later to stadium coaching. If you prefer management, and later went to golf-related companies to do business. Place of work to see your convenience, the golf course are relatively far from
's. Companies do not have to say, and are in the city.

Golf There are many professional, coaches, caddies, sales, events, golf apparel and equipment to see which of your own preference.

Everything on their own, I hope you will seize this opportunity.

Upstairs to say that out of this profession is the caddy, it is fart, really.



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