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From Tianjin Railway Station to Marina Lake Golf Club

26,897,1632010-02-14 07:24:38 +0000 #1
from Tianjin Railway Station to Marina Lake Golf have direct train do?

Should be how car? Thank you!
Chak-kwong 882010-02-14 07:37:53 +0000 #2
Coastal Lake International Golf Club

Address: Tianjin Tanggu District, Beitang

Tel: 02,266,297,785

621 Road: 680 Road, 651 Road, 151 Road, Tianjin Railway Station (A site) - Zhongshan Gate - the world's - junliangcheng - Center Village

fight; It takes about 15.9 kilometers

Center Village Road - Binhai Golf Club


Driving Directions: It takes about 53.0 kilometers

1. From the starting point for the direction to proceed due west along the coast road running east of the river 50 meters, go straight into the tunnel

2. travel 660 meters along the tunnel, go straight into the Independence Road

3. along state Road 630 meters, turn right into Victory Road,

4. Victory Road, travel 690 meters along the left front corner

5. drive 10 meters, go straight into the Jin Wei Road

6. Kim Wei Road, drive along the 350 meters turn right into the Lion Grove Street

7. along the Lion Grove Street, travel 760 meters to go straight into the Bell River Street

8. Queensway River Street, travel along the 4.6 km, go straight into the Jinji high-speed Highway

9. Jinji Expressway along the road 330 meters to go straight into the Jingjintang Highway

10. Jingjintang highway running along the 34.6 kilometers, right in front of turning into Chun Lu

11. Chun-an Road, travel along the 3.1 km , turn right into the S308

12. along the S308 road 2.3 km, turn left into the pond Huang Highway

13. along the Tong Huang highway 3.7 kilometers, turn left

14. travel 1.3 km, turn left at 15. drive 10 meters, to reach the terminal [Binhai Golf Club]



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