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Beijing Huijia vocational school golf professional employment prospects good? (Read this profession

whctc0072010-02-14 07:24:55 +0000 #1
intention to apply for this profession and I would therefore ask the prospect, after all fees are not cheap, if the White learned the bad! Upon completion of this specific is doing it? How kind of job? School pretty responsible? Because soon I hope to fill volunteer a quick answer, thank you
aa2844365102010-02-14 07:36:58 +0000 #2
1. After studying this specific is doing it?

A specific golf course or in school-based, there are other special knowledge courses.

2. How kind of job?

As the saying goes: high investment, high returns! You also know that the professional fees are not low, if you learn well, then, later to find a job, virtually no problems. If the science is not good, it does not matter, after all, is not a popular profession Mody.

3. The school fairly responsible?

The school also more responsible. Think about the last few years a lot of tuition ah, in addition to other, and in exchange you'll spend good bar. Spent so much money, a diploma definitely for you.

This profession it, still have to think twice about the. If there are problems, you can give me a question!



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