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Golf rules are like?

yljyzxc20082010-02-14 07:32:56 +0000 #1
Golf rules are like?
HU Bei Sachiko2010-02-14 07:44:05 +0000 #2
1, the basic rules of golf one. Although there are many rules of golf, but no more than the most basic of the following two points: a. Participants must be carried out under conditions of fair competition. b. during the race must be able to objectively deal with the situation to their advantage. 2. As for the other rules, are based on two basic principles of the above set. Abide by the rules himself, although the rules of golf established by the Golf Association, but the vast majority are still appointed by the player itself, the implementation of effective management. When the race gets underway, each player are entrusted with the responsibility for making the competition fair and impartial; and is based on the spirit of fair competition, every option should be required to comply with the rules to become a referee. 3. In order to hit the ball way into the so-called golf-hole a. basic principle is that the ball from the tables in this pool will be a blow to its hole straight up. In short, that is, starting from the first shot, then the second and third shot, repeatedly hitting the ball into holes in addition to it no other way. If holding the ball moving, or the use of throwing, rolling land and so on, are against the rules. b. when the ball is in the quiescent state, only to continue after the game when the ball was shot out, no matter under what condition the road, you should wait until after the ball is in the quiescent state of continued competition, This is the same golf The law is absolutely untouchable, or moving the location of the ball, they can not be changed for the sake of ease of swing surrounding environment.

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