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How to find a regular golf at the Shanghai Children's work (part-time)

Virgin's Block2010-02-14 09:10:32 +0000 #1
or Shanghai where there is formal training institutions?

Formal training seems to be at least 1 month at a cost to be 2.3 1000 because it was the training of college students, I mainly want to come out holidays, weekends, after school work

Who can tell me those black intermediary, and the companies do not come to fraudsters. Now a lot of these companies, in the past tell you to call a few hundred dollars costs tell you the training 1.2 days, which are is a liar Company
jkefigo2010-02-14 09:15:48 +0000 #2
the idea is good -! Is not simple -! Great economic minds -! Support you persist -!

To be honest I do not know -! Can play golf all the rich people do -! With energy and you will become rich very rich -!哈哈-!

Directly to the golf course to the candidates -! Do not be afraid -! Of what is on the must have the courage to achieve it -! I am very optimistic about you. Intermediaries on the other believed in -! Directly to the Golf Company -! Good luck enough, directly into the question of -! The saying goes, nothing ventured nothing gained -!

Can think of this point, people do very clever -! Can not be realized depends on your courage - the! Refueling -!
Green young master of the sword2010-02-14 09:51:26 +0000 #3
Actually, I do not know, why to the golf course to work? I have a computer company to work -------·



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