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Tycoon Golf Club Caddy pay how much? Tipping Gao Bugao

6.56813 million2010-02-14 09:10:50 +0000 #1
I want to ask the next Tycoon Golf Club Caddy pay how much? Tipping Gaobu Gao. Thank you! Acute
LOVE drizzly rain2010-02-14 09:16:38 +0000 #2
I do not know where the caddy was necessary to do any special conditions, but no matter where, when the caddy, must have the following points:

1, sufficient strength. When the caddy, which is a minimum, the 18-hole down to 4 hours or more, has been walking in the fairway, but not a flat road, if possible holiday hit is not the only 18-hole day, oh.

2, a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of golf etiquette.

3, patience and good temper, caddy is a service industry, patience and good temper, is that all service industry practitioners must possess.

As for wages, at present, the income of Guangdong's golf course caddies are basically appearance fee + tip, and mainly from tips. Tip, then, depends on what people had, in general, Japan, South Korea to fewer guests, Guangdong and Fujian were generous number of local people, the mainland's nice, too. Hong Kong and Taiwan was roughly in the center of all types of guests.

However, more selective about Hong Kong, the most Nansi Hou, followed by a Mainlander. The people of Taiwan is very easy-going, but in fact face a very fine bones, foreign guests and locals the best to deal with Canton, Oh ---- to say may not be appropriate.

In fact, golf is not like most people think, so Spring Snow, playing ball games where there are many people who are not high quality, I wish you good luck ----



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