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Adam Sandler starred in the movie name on the golf?

sanmenwei2010-02-14 09:10:56 +0000 #1

nanako131312010-02-14 09:19:55 +0000 #2
Happy Gilmore Name: HappyGilmore

Chinese name: Happy Gilmore

alias: Golf Crazy / Happy Gilmore

Genre: Comedy / Sports

Release Date: 1996 2 16

Director: Dennis Dugan


Adam Sandler Adam Sandler ....( written by)

Tim Herlihy ....( written by) &

Cast: Adam Sandler Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller Ben Stiller, Christopher McDonald

Region: United States

Language: English

Runtime: 92 min

distributors: Argentina Video Home (AVH)

content Description: protagonist Ji happy grandmother to raise money to redeem the big house before no alternative but to yield to participate in the golf tournament, with Naotaka moving days, but he was naturally hot-tempered Haoyongdouhen even more violent tendencies, and elegant game of golf, a considerable lack of coordination, many a joke ... ...

Happy Gilmore is an avid hockey fan since childhood by the great grandmother. Because he is a hockey player from the request is too far - he has a serious tendency toward violence, and most terrible is that he will not skate - Gilmore has been driven out of the ice hockey team coach, while his girlfriend has left him , while Gilmore's grandmother because they can not afford high taxes, have lived for decades in an old house was recovered as collateral. A chance, Gilmore found himself in the golf areas are innate, in the amateur game after blockbuster, Gilmore had the opportunity to participate in a prize Masters, at the same time, Gilmore's hot personality and style of play also earned him fans, love, and a retired player's pointing, naturally also produced a number of rivals jealous ... ...



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