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The origin of golf!

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The origin of golf!
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1. The Netherlands has always been the origin of that

The Dutch do not think that golf originated in Scotland, saying they believe is the origin of the earliest golf in the Netherlands. The Dutch one called "kolven" age-old movement known as the earliest golf, and they think this movement is through the pass into the commodity trade between the two countries in Scotland. However, many people do not agree with this view. Opponents pointed out that: "kolven" is a kind of indoor sports, but golf is an outdoor sports, this is the most fundamental and essential difference between the two! Moreover, "kolven" campaign to use than the average golf ball large, golf club than the heavy, more important is that the sport is not used by the rod angle! So, people do not agree that golf originated in the Netherlands argument.


Scotland, said the origin of the most widely circulated one is an ancient Scottish shepherds grazing, the chance to use a stick to hit a boulder into the wild rabbit hole, inspiration, invention later known as the golf movement. Therefore, the golf term first appeared in the fourteenth century, the Scottish Parliament in the file.

This is the only documented a parliamentary statement, but received most of the world golf enthusiasts recognition. One St Andrews golf course is considered a sacred place! Every golfer's biggest wish was to gain hands-on playing golf at St Andrews stadium. It is also golf rule-making body, all of the major rules of the game must be consistent with its basic requirements. Scottish origin is the most authoritative and most convincing way of saying!


BC, two Chinese origin said that three hundred years, China has been the image of a kind known as the "whack-ball" the ball game, but 27 years BC to AD 395 the Roman there was a hit with feathers peppered with wood made the ball game.

According to legend, in the Ming dynasty, the royal family have a similar golf game, called "whack-ball." It is described as: the process of using the walking stick ball movement. The reason why such a statement because in our country is still preserved frescoes on such movement. This is also the golf originated in China as the sole evidence!

4. French origins of that
, as we know it today, the sport's history is the record of Scottish golf. However, in Europe there are opposed to this argument, mainly in France and the Netherlands. The Netherlands claimed that their evidence is that their bar and the ball movement is called "kolven"; France is the "jeu de mail". But they just not the most simple, is golf's most unique factors: hole. Golf ball on the pitch movement is driven, the court distributed the design obstacles, these obstacles to prevent the ball from the start point of flying to the air, and then to another point forward, to the ball into the hole and ended. This is the game of golf is unique office.

5. Conclusion

The earliest documented club was "Reis gentleman player" and later in 1744 as "Honor Company of Edinburgh Golfers." At that time, the first golf fixed in Edinburgh City Council presented on a silver club. The first winner, John Rattray, was awarded the "golf leader" title. Silver winner will become the club next year's "leaders", this practice can become a tradition. That is why, today, the Committee elected by the former head of the St. Andrew's Royal and Ancient Golf Club of the leaders in September to personally participate in the autumn of medal contention at the club tournament opener. Winners then play in order to maintain the traditional chiefs, the only winner is the race contestants, as soon as he hit a first shot, he would automatically become the winners. The roar of cannon marks the start of medal race, saved his head hit the ball out of the caddy was awarded a gold coin.



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