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What is the rules of the game of golf?

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main form of golf competition

① Accenture Match Play Championship Accenture Match Play Championship is to kick down a hole with fewer strokes for the hole in the side winner decided each hole Match Play tournament victory or defeat.

② stroke play score at the minimum kick down the provisions of a person or a few rounds of the competition the winner. International competitions and national competitions are used than in stroke play. Introduction

golf rules of the game rules of the game by the Golf Association and the organizers of each race developed. In fact, the rules of the game in the contest is mainly implemented by the competitors themselves. That is, participants should take the spirit of fair competition based on consciously abide by the rules, for ourselves when the referee.


① politeness norms should pay attention to when you swing and play safety, prevent injury accidents.

* Does not affect other people play, do not delay.

* The group carried out too slowly, so that after a group outside.

In Once on shore, one after the venue should be carefully repaired.

② Rules

* tee late: late for 5 minutes, to two-stroke penalty.

* Batting order: According to the provisions of the order of competition organizing committee can also draw, finger-guessing game or by age, decided who should serve.

* Question: may apply to the companions of the venue question.

* Stroke: official swing did not hit the ball, should be considered one. The ball from the tee fall, in situ intends second shot the ball back to re-tee, even if the third shot.

* The ball out of bounds: the first to play the ball out of bounds, it can be added after the play Once on shore, everyone. But counted as the third shot.

* Tee the ball home: when serving the ball must be placed on tee tee area.

③ Ball Road Rules

* batting order: who should be far away from the first hole to play.

* The wrong fight: the wrong fight someone else's ball, to be punished 2.

* For the ball: the ball is broken, you can explain to the peers for the ball; did not specify for the ball, they will be fined 1; furtively for the ball, then a two-shot penalty.

* Re-elect the ball position: no way to play the ball where you can explain to peers fine a team the ball out, away from the hole place, with two drop within the radius.

* Looking for the ball: In order to confirm your ball, hit space obstacles, and move the ball, penalty one. 5 minutes can not find the ball, the ball is deemed lost, back in situ to play, and a penalty.

* Others: play or empty when the broken tree branches waving, they will be fined 2. Ball in their own carts or bags, the penalty 2. Ball, if the batter, count two.

④ hazard rules

* hit bunker shots: In the bunker, ready to play when the club hit the sand, they will be fined 2.

In order to hit into the water hazard the ball: the ball into the water hazard, to a penalty, and then in water cut-off point outside the drop of the water hazard. If you insist on hitting the water without penalty stroke.

⑤ hole region (green) Rules

* rub the ball: ball on the putting green, you can rub the ball, but you must do the ball-bit tags, there is no marking, they will be fined one.

* Batting order: Who's who should play the ball far away from the hole.

* Prejudice to: prevent others play ball, you can pick up the marker, but should be done. Putt line, there are the leaves can be removed, but the putt line, there are spikes of the prints and can not go to finishing. Others are still moving when you push the ball, they do the movements to play their own ball, two-stroke penalty.

* Hole: the official stroke play, each hole must be shot one-hole, otherwise they will lose qualified.

* Touches someone else's ball: play on the green, hit the greens on someone else's ball, the ball should be hit back in situ (if two people are in green on the ball, who hit the ball have to be punished 2). The rules off the tee

serve the order of error is not fine to continue to play, impolite behavior

does not belong to the prescribed penalty within the region serve two provisions within the region need to re-serve, and then intends to play the third shot

OB or lost ball penalty serve an in-situ, and then intends to third shot. (Forward fourth hit)

to play before the ball dropped from the tee without penalty can be re-placed tee ball to play

Q companions or tell fellow club numbers used by two penalty can ask your caddy is not penalized

with another club teams, or other things to do penalty shot goal-line hit two targets can not be interested in the creation of line

to play before the break affect the swing of the branch penalty shot two immutable environment and continue to play the rules of the fairway

the use of other players and the club has been fined two balls hit the ball fell to count

cement on the road can not be played without penalty of not more recently in the hole within the framework of a drop

the ball landed between two trees or in the bush when you can not hit a penalty of not more recently in the hole two drop

the ball landed within the Department did not punish the temporary accumulation of water, without even a near-hole drop

the ball landed within the pile next to the flag time (hinder matter) is not punishment can be pushed to sign pile (cards) to continue to play

by outsiders moving the ball without penalty by the rules the ball back into its original place, to continue to play

In addition to natural obstacles (scattered obstacles) moving the ball back into the original location a penalty to continue to play

to find his ball accidentally hitting the ball back into the original location a penalty to continue to play

Aiming the ball a penalty moving the ball to stop the department continued to play the ball.

Your own caddy mistakenly picked up his ball back into the original location a penalty to continue to play

with the club or other marking materials do not intend to change the penalty shot two limitations

ask others or tell others to use the club penalty, No. 2 ask their caddy are not penalized

shots, umbrella or items of assistance received two shots outside the penalty time and place are not penalized

in order to maintain standing balance with wood, or something they level up 2 penalty does not intend to change the batting swing and the environment

to hinder the folding branch penalty shot two does not intend to change the environment

as easy to hit the ball or club head overcome the leveling sod penalty two in the tee shot is not fine

the dynamics of the ball playing in the water without penalty two fine

removed the flat bunker gear fine when the ball does not move the ball back into the original position to continue to fight for the ball without consent penalty


due to hamper play to continue playing without the consent the ball is not moving companion penalty mark, but must be prepared to move the ball

a swing and then the second penalty shot to make a combo deal with

should drop penalty is not thrown on the ground but continued to play

2 drop in accordance with rules or moving the ball the wrong position while the ball fine, but two continued to play

the ball into the ground marking the ball does not pick up the brush in the penalty moved the ball within six inches, 1 inch = 2.54

drop does not touch the ground before the re-encounter their own impunity

drop after throwing the ball rolled into the bunker or other hazard is not re-thrown

fine to change the environment stoop ball drop penalty continues to play a wrong ball penalty

2 re-play their own ball

hit several temporary set the ball and found an OB, but the ball did not I do not know how many times to play the ball can not be judged by how many times the play shall be deemed to have played ball for the last time, and added to the previously played in the wrong OB score

the rules of playing a penalty if the last two holes to leave the green before the game is not revised as a loss of eligibility

ball hit his caddy on the penalty on him or his club the ball stopped in the two areas to continue to play

ball hit Bureau those who are not outside the penalty where the ball stopped to continue to play

the ball hit the ball without penalty to fellow companions ball back into its original place

the ball in the fairways and long rough missing penalty at a return to their original make-up injection

the ball animal moved without penalty in a companion under the premise that the original placement of the ball may continue to play

but the ball landed inside the pile influence OB shot of pile, pile mobile penalty two OB pile is non-barrier, non-mobile

ball tree roots or tree fell on a penalty when the ball can not hit a penalty, the two are not within the more recent drop in the hole at

try waving penalty when a shot hit the ball moving the ball back into the original position playing the if they continue to play penalty 2

UNPLAYABLE (can not hit the ball) a statement, without a penalty in the hole closer to the original location within the two drop

the ball into the hazard facing the pool (Yellow pile), if a penalty Fighting without penalty stroke the ball into the pool or in the place of connection with the hole behind the drop

the ball into the side of the pool (red pile) penalty if a penalty shot not hit or the ball into the places that are not even near-hole

2 drop the ball landed inside the pool to continue to fight without penalty but the ball or on a pole in the observable encountered water or grass penalty 2

to play before the club hit sand or fine sand formation as interested in testing two sand Pit state

to play before the sand pebbles or leaves picked up two penalty not allowed to pick up anything within a bunker within

bunker on each ball mark can be done with impunity, so far in the hole who first hit

Da Buda in the bunker when the penalty is difficult in that one may declare not to fight, back in the bunker the ball is not within the drop

wrong wrong fine obstacle to the region do not punish the ball to return to in-situ re-play their own ball

play out the ball hit the caddy for themselves or their bodies penalty two met the belongings of their own are also fine for 2

dent repair holes in the ball off the stampede impunity



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