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A person standing signs to play golf, men's clothing brand, who know what brand? Thank you

chaijuan2010-02-14 11:10:56 +0000 #1
best to our web sites to copy to me, thank you
SZ °2010-02-14 11:19:41 +0000 #2
Hello! -

First of all talk about -

POLO shirt's logo is one person, one pure black horse brand -

while in a hundred years ago POLO brand is defined as the polo clothes

you have to do the logo is clearly not the POLO ...

but also the identity of Qipai farther backward in ..

I can guarantee you that ..

This is not a very well-known brand ..

because the character's face is blank ..

Such signs should be designed not a big brand ..

I guess that is the goods ..

but made good too .. too patriotic on the 4th floor of the ..

I hope you like my answer! -

Give me points to Baidu posted after the bar sz0 Bar

I am free to help you answer -
little monsters 86462010-02-14 11:19:38 +0000 #3
tongtuer2010-02-14 11:31:31 +0000 #4
Polo. Chinese name is called the Polo Club, is Love. Lauren classic. U.S. brand.

Official network is



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