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simple-minded, 200,8182010-02-14 15:10:03 +0000 #1
March sun was bright. Those green lawn like a carpet-like, the grass blowing Rourou pants, so the true flavor of the spring as close to the skin. Everything recovery, marching burgeoning grass, listening to the songs spring in fine spring day, with a gentle spring-like pleasure to play golf is so pleasant

Guangzhou City, the latest 2009 Eagle Golf Course:

personal trainers teaching courses ( one to one teaching)

digital system beginner course (Course Code A-10)

the word System Intermediate Course (Course Code B-10)

digital system beginner course (Course Code A-20)

Digital System Intermediate Course (Course Code B-20)

Training Content:

open classes Objective: After teaching experience and students was generally positive, the students learn the basic purpose of the ball is divided into four categories:

(1) business categories: mainly business needs mainly want to crash golf technology the court as soon as possible get business needs.

(2) fitness categories: purely physical fitness-based, and character cultivation enjoy the natural and harmonious.

(3) Communication categories: mainly fast golf with friends and family to enjoy the fun-based.

(4) Competition categories: There are certain technical skills, would like to quickly elevated to the faithful with a number of ball games or participating in an amateur competition in general.

For the needs of different groups, the Learning Center will open a special short-term intensive training courses as follows:

at the driving range training:

1, golf technical principles (principles of flight, hitting principle, swing center, swing plane, etc.) ;

2, golf technology entry (grip, stance, Aiming the ball, the rod technology, the next rod technology, the focus of a reversal, weight transfer, etc.);

3, golf etiquette and norms of the general fate of a variety of considerations;

4, woods, irons, P rod, sand shots, putting the swing techniques;

5, tailor-made personal swing techniques;

6, a comprehensive and systematic action and computer analysis and digital single / multi-ching static decomposition and targeted assisted teaching equipment to amend.

7, multiple greens actual practice, in particular, to teach for the attack on the putting green, P pole, S pole, short-cut the ball, high drop, bunker and the ball moves essentials actual combat experience.

In the formal course content:

1,8 times end up full field of actual combat practice + teaching (including: cutting the ball essentials, high-drop style of play, bunker play the ball, the ball uphill, downhill ball, the ball side-slope play , long grass ball around the greens processing techniques, long putter, short putt essentials, long holes, medium holes, short holes Gong Lue)

2, each end are recorded all the students right or wrong action and itineraries for computer systems, digital motion analysis and single / multi-ching static decomposition and targeted contrast-aided teaching and correction device to continuous improvement.

Curriculum: 50 hours driving range lessons. Another real end about 5 hours / 8 lessons. Students must bring their own transport and consumables.

Learning effect: the skills tailored to individual golf. To enable trainees to achieve a solid swing and hit the ball personal standards, but will also aim to meet all types of people. End of the course can be the big, medium and small game.

020-85447242 QQ: 1091171875 Teacher Li

5 Hill Road, Tianhe District, Tak, No. 141, Building A Building, 13th Floor A1301. Block C metro station exit to the China division. Tianhe Science and Technology Street bus to the station / 5 Hill junction station / China division back door station

32428462010-02-14 15:21:29 +0000 #2
Guangzhou racetrack there. from the door into the Huangpu Avenue, go east, over a door and then walk south.
SA Rui ╃ words JUN groups2010-02-14 15:36:09 +0000 #3
on the first floor you do not see it呀he was advertising! ! ! !

Amount --- advertise here? ? --- Take away two points



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