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Practice when playing golf, golf novice should pay attention to those issues

From Southern2010-02-14 15:10:28 +0000 #1
novice practice when playing golf, all essentials that of those technologies? Welcome to the same levels of golf enthusiasts to exchange experience. I also hope the wing master.
High caddy2010-02-14 15:22:31 +0000 #2
novice practice when playing golf, pay special attention to two points, 1. never moving head!!!! 2. never made power!!!. The first most know, but harder to do, do not say, and when in practice to be Attention!! second novice will not necessarily know and understand. novice in order to play well when playing golf, often energetically swing, but the results are unsatisfactory. Why is that? because in golf, the power does not mean distance. For the novice speaking, the body force when he moves there will be deformation of the technology, it frequently can not hit the ball and other issues is not difficult to understand. try not forced to play it, it is easy to grasp technical movement, and heads can be controlled without moved. played a distance of 100 - 130 among. These are summarized in my practice a little experience, for all to share. Remember!! "will never move first! never made power!"



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