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What golf course and golf will be What is the difference?

kinzheng2010-02-14 16:10:06 +0000 #1
Is there a golf course and golf What is the difference? What is the Mission Hills golf course or club? Dongguan or Shenzhen are?
zj9you2010-02-14 16:25:04 +0000 #2
individual is under the personal knowledge of GOLF enthusiasts to talk about - to play a specific course as the Golf Club venue are the main component is the core of the golf club to run. The ball will be branded a membership-based course in general accordance with their respective club's strength and scale will be in the 9-hole 18-hole golf course and so the scale is equipped with driving range, club house, room, entertainment center. . . And other supporting facilities! Mission Hills is the largest golf course, across nearly 20 square kilometers of Shenzhen and Dongguan, China's largest and highest grade, supporting the most complete, the greatest influence of the Golf Club, Mission Hills Group, invested by Hong Kong, opened in 1994. After several years of development, countries in the design of the 12 famous stadium, a total of 216 holes. . .
wallwall5212010-02-14 16:32:06 +0000 #3
Golf Course Advisory Board members think of Italy is the place to play golf. The ball so? Membership is generally something one moment and save some money puts inside member can play, a club may have a lot of golf courses. However, a court can only belong to a club.
463,055,6242010-02-14 16:48:21 +0000 #4
Stadium is a place to play. The ball is a body formed by the various members.

Mission Hills Mission Hills in Shenzhen town.

In fact, Mission Hills, and there is no lake, across Shenzhen and Dongguan, Mission Hills Golf Club,

adapt to China's economic development opportune the world golf tradition is carried into China, but to build on golf fashion, has invited the 10-bit Design of 180 pre-superstar 10-hole golf course, is the world's largest converged on five continents and is the only stadium-style golf club. Bing won the "Pengcheng Ten Scenes" and China, one of the highest level of AAAA tourist areas such as Honor.

Mission Hills Golf Club, a gathering of stars, star-studded. Course the United States, 10 designers Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo of England, Japan, Ozaki will be Secretary, South Africa's Ernie Els, Fiji's Vijay St Seoul, Australia's Greg Norman, the United States David Duval , David Leadbetter, Spain's Jose Maria Olazabal, as well as women from the number one Annika Sorenstam of Sweden, all of the high altar in today's world a shining record, marked a new conception of the superstar. In today's world their wealth and income among the top 20 of the "golf wealthy", 11-bit and Mission Hills lasting bonds. 6 of them are Mission Hills golf course designer, there are five top players to the Mission Hills to access or participate in international competitions. To date, Mission Hills has held more than 30 international competitions and international stars visiting activities. Including the 1995 World Cup of Golf, in November 2001 invited the Tiger Woods, his first visit to China, Asia, launched in 2002 founded the "Ryder Cup" - Dynasty Cup Asian Japanese Professional Golf Tournament.

Mission Hills as a world-famous golf resort, but also has 51 tennis courts built the Mission Hills Country Club, Mission Hills David Leadbetter Golf Academy, a five-star Mission Hills Resort and high-end golf villa projects, sports leisure resort facilities crown cover Asia.

Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Club is currently in China and Asia's largest and most complete facilities, a private golf resort. The ball will be a total investment of 2 billion Hong Kong dollars, now has five international championship 18-hole golf course opened in 1995, has been launched entertainment, dining and incomparable golf facilities. By Ernie (Ernie Els) designed for the fifth stadium was officially completed in the summer of 2001, so that Mission Hills to become an unprecedented 90-hole golf club. Thus, Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf has been regarded as a milestone in entering the Chinese mainland.

Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Club is the only one in Asia by both the U.S. PGA, TPC and the European PGA recognized and appeared in the "world's best golf clubs," the club. 1999 received the Asian PGA's "Best Venue" Award (Best Host Venue), at the club received several awards Adds awards.

As Asia's finest championship golf course, Mission Hills club had the honor hosted the 41st World Cup of Golf Final, making China only held outside Japan as "the Olympic golf," said golf's World Cup finals in Asia countries, players from around the world and was known as the world's most outstanding golf courses, one of the organizers and race. Shenzhen Mission Hills will be held the ball the other competitions including 1995 and 1996 Volvo China Tour, 1998 Volvo Asian Match Play Championship, and two four-match Hugo Boss, 1998 Johnnie Walker Super Tour and the 1999 Omega PGA Championship.

Shenzhen Mission Hills Club Road, every ball has black, gold, blue, white and red tee 5, respectively, for professional, advanced amateur, amateur, beginners and Lady. By golf legend Jack King of Gaussian (Jack Nicklaus) designed by the famous World Cup Stadium (World Cup Course) in 1995, the 41st World Cup of Golf final venue, but also China's first approved by the U.S. PGA Professional Championship venue . According to the World Top Ten Golf readers of newspapers, the World Cup stadium's seventh hole appeared in the "world's best 500 holes", and was also for "Asia's best 24-hole" as one.

The new Valley Course (New Valley Course) conducting improvement projects, especially the United States invited the 2000 Masters (US Masters) champion San Seoul (Vijay Singh), for the players to design more aesthetic, more challenging championship-level course. Spacious and lush fairways, beautiful vast expanse of lakes, with large sand barriers to long-new design is introduced by Dole St. stimulus elements.

By Ozaki Masaji (Jumbo Ozaki) golf course designed by Jun Ling (Canyon Course), everywhere expression to his awe of nature, unique in Asia, towering peaks, wooded hills and rolling fairways, perfect reproduction of The spectacular sight of nature. From Nick Faldo (Nick Faldo) of the hands of Long Island Stadium (Stadium Course) is a challenge to both natural beauty and resourcefulness of the design, will become Asia's most outstanding of the championship golf course.

On June 28, 2001 the official opening of the Cape of Good Hope Stadium (Savannah Course) by another golf star Ernie Els designed to trees, tree-lined, green grass and the design theme for the entire course, so players just like exposure to an elegant magnificent gardens, deeply impressed by the Alstom South Africa's unique style of home. Cape of Good Hope Stadium series "Beauty and the Beast" was a not only scenic, but also extremely challenging and extremely difficult hole superb test of golf skills, daunting, yet eager.

The ball will be unique to the facilities include three full-yards practice holes, respectively, three holes, four holes and five holes, and there are two 300-yard length of the real grass driving range. Cape of Good Hope pitches and Chun Ling, 9-hole golf course located in the light golf, open until 2:00, will be playing within a day to extend the time to 20 hours, so that members and guests who enjoy the joy of golf.

Covers 30 million square feet clubhouse is Asia's largest clubs, with swimming pool, table tennis hall, squash hall, table tennis hall children's play areas, and may hold a basketball, volleyball, badminton and 5 a-side football standards of indoor sports center, gym all the latest "Cybex" equipment, a day after the movement, but also washed away in the Sports Center, a tired, to enjoy the full-body wrap, foot massage, massage swimming pool and beauty care.

In addition to the charming scenery and complete recreational facilities, clubs, there are a number of restaurants for the guests, the West and Oriental flavors. Spacious meeting rooms and banquet hall large enough to hold business meetings and various activities.

Shenzhen Mission Hills Golf Club from Hong Kong and Shenzhen ports connecting Huanggang only 30 minutes drive away. Daily between Hong Kong and the ball will be a shuttle bus to and from more than 100 flights to facilitate the guests from Hong Kong Central, Kowloon Tong, San Tin club parking lot and the Lo Wu Control Point to reach the ball will be.

As a "green ball will", Shenzhen Mission Hills Club is Asia's first to obtain ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification club to show its environmental protection efforts and determination. Shenzhen Mission Hills Club has become the Guangdong, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao and foreign business community recreation and leisure, social gatherings and business events held in the best choice.
cusabi2010-02-14 16:39:16 +0000 #5
Ball will include golf course. Mission Hills is a club in Dongguan and Shenzhen have the courts, while 10



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