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When playing golf, if the ball go into the pool, and how calculated?

88514hu2010-02-14 17:10:53 +0000 #1

sanderstorm2010-02-14 17:12:36 +0000 #2
golf tournament and punishment under the rules, that is being punished the total number of people hitting on the basis of the plot coupled with foul penalty 1

3 times the number of shots. Penalized the number of the more worse results. Violation to be punishable under the following provisions: ① the ball on the tee after the ball can not move the ball bit or. ② not be repaired on the ground, weeding, and freely moving obstacles. Occur should also be punished under the following circumstances: ① kick-off when the ball hit from the tee off. ② lost the ball after five minutes failed to recover. ③ the ball out of bounds or into the reservoir.

Concrete can be taken to one of the following three kinds:

1. Impunity, directly from the water hit the ball out of

2. A penalty, the ball cross-section over the pond's location and the connection wire barriers outside the hole drop

3. penalty a return into the pool before the location of heavy fighting



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