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Golf decorated rooms with decoration ideas

jie Ao notes2010-02-14 17:11:00 +0000 #1
I am a 80, the dynamic type, normal life very rich in contents, has recently been planning the decoration of the room and I have my recording studio, because usually prefer golf, so I think this decoration can be into the elements of golf, there are hundreds of balls at home, were previously practicing what playing scratches, lost to waste, so they want him to spend, I think the ball directly to them or irregular array of nail If the wall is too monotonous, and hope to have creative and thoughtful and has a unique insight to help people think about what a better way. (Words not limited to, style not limited to, but not involved in any political and religious topics)

In addition, you want to, and a good state of mind, love making friends of the designers and make friends, if you wish, please leave contact
korf20082010-02-14 17:21:55 +0000 #2
Hundreds ah then you should keep one side of the wall, all covered with a smaller then some of the brush on the colors of images such as Nike, or some commemoration of the clock pointer meaning of the text figures such as

or made light to stick together to form a spherical ball is empty, the best middle of an internal steel skeleton of the middle of doing a good job placement after the lamp lights the light from the slit in the disclosed radio should be very good on the wall or with angle iron or square steel welded into the frame side is 1000mm * 1000mm · house filled with balls to do stepped on barefoot massage is also a good fitness equipment wow哈哈He He used to place a lot of hungry themselves can also think about



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