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golf how games are played, what the rules
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1 Rules of Golf

Golf Rules

slightly before engaging in any exercise is required to understand the basic rules of the movement can only have thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and from a laughing stock. Value gentlemanly sports of golf to show, for better understanding of the basic rules can not be taken lightly. Therefore, the basic rules of golf than the differences between stroke play and match play, all kinds of shots produced only really judge the situation and deal with, as well as participate in the competition for attention to illustrate this.


1. Golf tournament in accordance with rules from the beginning by the first tee shot, or hit the ball straight into the cave.

2. On the ball to influence the rules in addition to timely action, the players or caddies shall not affect the ball's location or movement of any act.

3.'s Deliberations shall not discuss the players breaking the rules to exclude or exempt the application of any rules have been sentence punishment.

1, the basic rules of golf

1. While there are many rules of golf, but no more than the most basic following points:

a. Entrants must be carried out under conditions of fair competition.

b. during the race must be able to objectively deal with the situation to their advantage.

2. As for the other rules, are based on two basic principles of the above set.

Follow the rules himself, although the rules of golf established by the Golf Association, but the vast majority are still appointed by the player itself, the implementation of effective management. When the race gets underway, each player are entrusted with the responsibility for making the competition fair and impartial; and is based on the spirit of fair competition, every option should be required to comply with the rules to become a referee.

3. In order to hit the ball way into the so-called golf-hole

a. the most basic principle is that the ball from the tables in this pool will be a blow to its hole straight up. In short, that is, starting from the first shot, then the second and third shot, repeatedly hitting the ball into holes in addition to it no other way. If holding the ball moving, or the use of throwing, rolling land and so on, are against the rules.

b. when the ball is in the quiescent state, only to continue after the match when the ball was shot out, no matter under what condition the road, you should wait until after the ball is in the quiescent state of continued competition, This is not golf The law change is absolutely untouchable, or moving the location of the ball, they can not be changed for the sake of ease of swing surrounding environment.

2, Stroke Play and Match Play

formal differences, golf competitions, two kinds of stroke play and match play. Whether professional or amateur game are stroke play tournament in the form of more common.

1. The so-called stroke play, that is, the accumulated score of each hole up until the kick down a (18 holes), the put all scores are added together, the total score to evaluate the outcome.

2. Accenture Match Play Championship is based on score-based contingent in the Accenture Match Play Championship is based on their different strokes for each hole of the outcome of the decision of the hole, each hole and then to accumulate the number to decide the outcome of the results.

3. Omit the differences between a hole stroke-play goals required holes to be downing the ball before they can move to the next tee to tee off. The Accenture Match Play Championship was decided the outcome of each hole, so long as the opponent agreed not to insist on the principle of the ball hole units are required.

4. Penalties for the difference in stroke play and match play, players breaking the rules suffer the penalties are different. Generally speaking, than the penalty for the penalty stroke competition two-stroke penalty and the Accenture Match Play Championship for the punishment of their losing the hole.

3, the right to judge and deal with

1. Bounds (OB)

"externalities" to play against the Department of the region, often marked boundary markers or fences. Sector outside the boundaries should be based on boundary markers (without stent) or the fence closest to the ground inside the decision point. As marked on the ground in order to marking bounds, the profession outside the Department of vertically downward, and the line itself, that is, for the theory of bounds.

2. Lost the ball the following situations can be identified as "lost ball":

a. player or its the same team, or their caddy at the beginning of looking for the ball after five minutes, still can not find the ball; or despite finding , but the players could not identify whether its use of the ball;

b. players by the rules have been deemed to play ball with another ball, without looking for their original ball;

c. players has been operating since the original ball may be located, or better than the original Bit by the hits the ball out of the hole instead of the ball, so it becomes a play the ball instead of the ball. Instead of the original ball outside the water hazard the ball may be lost, out of bounds and had to replace the ball, known as the "instead of the ball."

3. Water hazard (including lateral water hazard)

"water barrier" refers to Ren, lakes, ponds, rivers, ditches, surface drains, or other open drains (regardless of whether the water of which), and other similar persons.

a. Any obstacles in the water within the boundaries of the land or water, belong to the water part. Water hazard extends vertically upwards the limits of the Department to identify the boundaries used by the markers, boundary markers are counted within the barrier.

b. water hazards (in addition to the side of the water outside the barrier) should be marked with yellow boundary markers, or marking the boundaries; lateral water hazard is based on the line or marked with a red boundary markers to define.

c. water hazard the ball in the direction of the water barriers to play the ball, whether the barriers within or outside the barrier is lost, Naishi a related facts. Considers that, within the Department of obstacles to those who have lost, there must be evidence that the ball did fall into the barriers in; if not identified the evidence, shall be considered as lost the ball, according to rules of the.

d. If the ball into, touching or loss of the obstacles in the water (regardless of whether the ball is located in the water), the players are subject to one of the penalties, and in accordance with the following approach:

(1). as close as possible the last ball The second one hit in situ.

(2). In the original ball was last obstacle to the adoption of the water a little with the ball between the edge of the straight line, behind the drop in the water obstacle, as far as the distance from the water hazard behind the multi-drop, and unrestricted.

(3). The ball into, touching or lost in the side of the water obstacles, you can choose the following special measures

outside the barrier from the original ball was last barriers to the adoption of the edge of the water; or the same distance from the hole on the other side of the edge of the water obstacles ; to drop within two club lengths. The ball should be thrown into and remain in no better than the original ball was last through the water obstacle at the edge of locations closer to the hole, according to the rules, the picked up the ball can not be polished.

4, participants should pay attention to matters of late is strictly prohibited to participate in the biggest golf tournaments on the late taboo.

1. If the game late with my friends, will be classified as the best rides from the ball members; if the race late occasions, ranging from being punished, heavy is disqualified.

2. Late penalty Ke Yi competitions are divided into two kinds; stroke play is punishable by two pairs of late; Accenture Match Play Championship was sentenced to lose the first hole. It can be seen late game is a great shame participants should be strongly avoided.

5, prior knowledge of entry conditions for each participant must be determined before the game understand the course of the race conditions:

1. Match the correct time; 2. The various members of the arrangement; 3. They have been approved handicap; 4. 1st is on the 1st or on the 10th hole; 5. race day the local rules;

6, the number of clubs only 14

in the formal competition, each player can only carry 14 clubs within the competition, the ball rod is less than 14 hours can be added to the 14. Competition can be to replace damaged or unusable clubs, but not to delay the principle of competition; and that they complement or replace the clubs, are not allowed to pitch any one participant to borrow. Once the loan after the club until the end game, lending the club will be available for use by borrowing, lending the party shall not be used



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