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What is the role marked golf

346.84229 million2010-02-14 19:10:41 +0000 #1
golf range What is the role ah, acute ...

such as: club. Fork ball, the ball standard, hat ...

in particular, the subject of the role of the ball?
sotexgolf2010-02-14 19:16:23 +0000 #2
a what he said so many things that are useless, the irrelevant answer!

Simply put: club is used to hit the ball, the hat is to be used for sun protection!

Ball fork called green repair fork has two roles: one is to take the ball with the ball screw, and two for the rehabilitation of green!

Now the focus to talk about the ball beacons: Ball-bit standard, name suggests is the location of the ball marked with the ball marked with a plastic ball-bit-bit standard, metal ball-bit standard, or even coins, and so on as the ball can be beacons of the provisional使用.

So how the marked it, how to mark, as well as when to mark it?

Such as: how many people play together, when everyone on the green after, there's the sequence of putting. When a person is his putter, the remaining players must pick up the ball to prevent the ball will block the putt, this time is necessary to position the ball is placed on a ball-tagged! To their putt, to re-back the ball, retrieve the ball beacons; so the ball back and forth until all the hole!
methyl nori2010-02-14 19:55:56 +0000 #3
Hello, are you finally found a bosom friend! You're lucky!

Tell you, I saw someone else's answer, we know they are an outsider.

Simply say this: Golf Lawn: The main sub-ball plate, greens, fairways, high rough and other vegetation. The most demanding is green, racing green grass must be creeping bentgrass, commercial golf course greens useful've improved bermudagrass, a lot of fairways with common bermudagrass, zoysiagrass, Kentucky bluegrass, high-grass area with high fescue, winter sowing with ryegrass cover.

Lawn more difficult to manage the summer heat and humidity, the lawn is easy to get sick, other times, the main thing is the daily management, including management of logs according to the fertilization, sparse grass, cutting roots, sand, irrigation, removing thatch and so on.

A very key point is to understand the technical data on the lawn, such as: the green of the grass-cutting height is usually 3mm to wait to be right venues and the role of machinery and equipment and performance have better control.

Golf is the most important venue, because golf course in general, at least 300 acres, 18 holes, at least 900 acres, many of golf has reached more than 3,000 acres, so golf all year round expenses, to a large extent into the maintenance of the venue, so Venue manager's position is very important and crucial.

Tell you, golf is now shortage of qualified personnel, employment difficulties small, but competent site manager is not easy to take many years of practical experience. General court administrator, a monthly salary of 1500-2500, the venue manager, the annual salary of 10 million or more in general need a lot of knowledge, not 30000 words 20000 words, you can finish the. Think about it, golf is the highest level of turf management, on what basis to so many wage, work in this regard.

Recommendation: start with the venue Lawn classification, prevention and control bacteria lawn, a golf course lawn technical data, field and facilities, course structure to start, the first goal is to enter a golf future depends on your own.

This regard, I can help you a little bit, I wish you good luck. 15171 want to help you!



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