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A set of golf equipment, probably the number of RMB?

xinze04162010-02-14 19:10:48 +0000 #1

ybcbianshuai2010-02-14 19:27:04 +0000 #2
beginners is no need to purchase a full set of clubs, play golf while the rules allow only take 14 clubs, but the score certainly more than usually practiced them. Teaching in China like a 7-iron from the beginning of the teaching abroad, like to start from the pole P, so first you want to buy a kick-off wood, a P rod, a 7-iron, a putter, a 3-iron This wood, long iron, short iron, putter has a small semi-open sets of training. Playing familiar with, and go down to the middle of Tim, to the root 3-wood, 5 iron, S bar, and practiced Adds familiar with, is such a little practiced. In fact, take a half set of clubs could end, and basic moves and then more training stereotypes choose the right club for their own equipment. For example, is not able to control play on the multi-point shots to take wood to avoid the long-iron play control is a long iron reduction potential of the Take a wooden stick and the ball particularly well on the multi-processing with a special iron, etc. .

Gloves, must be, beginner men may wear one, ladies and recommends wearing two.

Sneakers, to end up, you must, spikes to plastic nails, but should pay attention to maintenance, the spikes broke do not place the spikes on the trouble.

Ball package, must be.

Changing clothes in bags, be prepared 1.

A first driving range, driving range are also coaches, practicing almost Zaiqu stadium, stadium also have coaches, but the charges啦higher position than the driving range, golf course also has driving range, with kick-off the driving range and green practice range. Around the relatively large differences in the specific charges.

The price is slightly different parts and can not make improper estimate off!
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