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Golf What material is it made of? TPR material can be used to do

beyondjd2010-02-14 20:11:26 +0000 #1
Which friend has done this thing?

There is to know friends?
Leonovski2010-02-14 20:18:55 +0000 #2
materials used in golf is often hard, almost does not use a soft TPR. Specific structure is as follows:

1. Single ball (One-Piece-Ball)

This ball can also be called a one ball or a header, generally used only for practice or for the driving range (Driving Range). To suppress made by a hard rubber ball, and paint.

2. Double Ball (Two-Piece-Ball)

such a ball, also known as twin-ball or two header, is the most commonly used ball. Globe out of hard rubber or plastic, or their mixtures (formulations usually confidential) made of shell, thickness of about I mm. As the shell texture is different from different ingredients, robustness and resistance (Durability) of different hardness different, different colors, and dents on the produce different characteristics and performance, reflected in the high ball, and rolling far-degree sexual and so on.

From the structure of the ball itself, does not infer their function is. Double-ball, that is, from a large hot core and a relatively thin shell composed of the ball, used to be called "long-range goals" (Distance Banlls). The flight distance of the ball longer, because it swing down low, speed high, when players hit the ball hard real sense. The use of advanced technology tools have been able to produce such a high performance game ball. The ball is relatively soft, rotating quickly, thus greatly PGA Tour players of all ages. Currently on the market most of the flight distance, or the loss of golf are used against this structure.

3. Three-ball (Three-Piece-Ball)

three-ball can also be called a three header, only the use of a high level of player. By rubber or plastic or a mixture of doing roughly equivalent to the size of the stick outside the hot core surrounded by fluid-filled lamps, like the coil-shaped like a thin rubber band wound, balata shell rubber (rubber). High-level players like to use this plastic-core liquid hot core balls, because the shots can be found in feeling, easy to control. If the ball are not allowed, but also prone to cracks and cut marks.

In the past like to use three balls are some of the more emphasis on ball spin and soft feel of some players, so they prefer not pursuing the ball hit distance. This new structure of the ball no longer has this shortcoming, because the ball's flight speed and resistance are significantly improved. Most of the highest sense of rotation and the best hitting ball is still using this proven three-tier structure.

4. Multi-shell hitting the ball more effectively, the ball is more easily deformed. Multi-ball is designed and manufactured according to this principle, the objective is to force any shots can produce the best results. Center of a sphere is designed to facilitate the use of kick-off cup to play the ball as far as possible; the middle layer to adapt to strong iron shots; shell to obtain the best shot for feeling and semi-swing, cut shots, and putting the time of maneuver ball.

Latest design of the ball is in hot core and the shell to begin infiltrated titanium, tungsten and magnesium metal powder, in the sphere of these metals attach is to enhance its strength and change the ball body weight distribution. Materials science is a contemporary cutting-edge science of the results of their research has been applied to golf equipment, non-joke, probably gives rise to a revolutionary change. For this "metal ball", and some professional players joked that if the ball like a magnet block the cave.



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