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Why is there no golf and billiards Olympics

Chasing butterflies flowers residues2010-02-14 22:10:30 +0000 #1
Will the Olympics, why there is no golf and billiards?

First, thank you.
gaziracn2010-02-14 22:23:48 +0000 #2
in 1900, held its second Olympic Games in Paris, has 600 years of history, golf has become one Olympic sport. 1908, 1916 and 1996 Olympic Games have scheduling golf events, but in 1920, golf was changed to watch the Olympic Games project. Today, golf wind Mi in the world, the Olympics is a global sports carnival. However, golf has not been re-boarded the Olympic stage. What is the reason for Shiran? Yu think that generally are the following -

1. Eligibility. According to December 1999 amendments to the "Olympic Charter" provides that: only when at least 75 countries or regions and men and at least four continents in 40 countries and regions, and three continents, are widely carried out in women's sports can be included in the Summer Olympics Games events; only if at least 25 countries or regions and carried out in three continents in a wide range of sports events be included in the Winter Olympics. Golf in Western countries have met the civilian population, but that is only money-burning in developing countries, aristocratic movement, the International Olympic Committee officials have estimated that this will not be ignored.

2. Bonuses. Compared to the millions of dollars per station in prize money for Olympic medal may not be able to attract top players. Champion Nick Faldo (Nick Faerduo) a bit indifferent: "the Olympics is a competition for medals, not for money." St Andrews club secretary Peter Dawson (Peter Dawson) that the participation of professional players for the return to the issue of have a decisive impact. Professional players willing to participate in the Olympic Games, prize money is the most important bait. For the Olympics, only the Olympic golf tournament on behalf of the world's top competitive level of the high altar, golf be considered a real return to the Olympic family.

3. Player problem. By two consequences of many top professional players do not want to participate. Tiger Woods (Tiger Woods), admits: "For professional athletes, the Olympic gold medal and a Grand Slam champion Which is more important I am afraid that it goes without saying, I think they would choose the latter." If a similar situation occurs, the Olympic golf standards of the ball game, and ornamental would be seriously compromised, the sponsor will be pulled out. The International Golf Association, Dawson expressed concern: "If only the players from amateur competition, the Olympic golf tournament will become no future." Chicken ribs look at the fate of the Olympic tennis become not difficult to understand.

4. Venue issue. Olympic Games If you want to increase the golf project, constantly rotating the host cities need to build an international top-class golf courses, which seems to still be acceptable. But the question followed, once such a precedent, golf courses across the country could blossom everywhere, but like China, India, this large population and scarce arable land in developing countries, the massive construction projects for the golf seems unpopular. Now many people still run around for food and clothing, if you see large tracts of land have been turned into a paradise for a small number of people likely to provoke Choufu psychology. Many people golf to a "green opium", there are both favorable and unfavorable.

5. And talented personnel. Golf in their own right also determines its market-oriented, business-oriented degree is the highest of all projects. Golf Competition involves personnel training, site construction, due to costly, and many developing countries can not rely on government popularity of golf can not afford the huge costs of personnel training. Again, players need to play a huge spending, domestic addition to Zhang Lian-wei, Liang able to obtain some sponsorship, the other players need to raise their level of skills is not easy to get funding to support businesses. Without financial support, how the contest? Not to talk about going abroad, among the high altar of the world.

6. Substitution. Olympics set up to set up 28 sports, only in sports, there have been vacancies in order to accept new projects. Remove an Olympic projects would be subjected to opposition from many countries, the great natural resistance. In November 2002 the International Olympic Committee had proposed that modern pentathlon, softball and baseball from the Olympic Games removed owing to opposition and eventually not adopted. A few years ago rumors golf and martial arts have been possible to replace the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in modern pentathlon and softball, but the International Olympic Committee made it clear that projects the Beijing Olympics remain unchanged. 2012 London Olympic Games, is also unchanged.

7. Image problem. The International Olympic Committee Mr. He Zhenliang that from the origins of golf terms, the actual movement of civilians. However, in developing countries, too little popular type of golf courses to give people the impression that golf is a high consumption. Golf is also a true colors should therefore be to give it a physical fitness of the original features and a noble, leisure and fitness purposes, so that to meet the needs of different sectors. If you still stop at aristocratic stage, inevitably deviate from the value of its own, without public support. This requires not idle and Ms. Gao Er, let alone the golf course into a paradise.

8. Love problems. From 7 exposed the problem of love golf. Most of the West golf should contribute to the economic development of developing countries. "Depository really makes me know my manners," consist in the poor developing countries in a short time is difficult to promote golf to the general public. Golf should be opened to the door of the Olympic Games, I am afraid that should break through sectarianism, based in north and south, people without distinction of noble and humble principles, forget their roots, more contribute to society. 2 Do not look rich, just waving the rod bent more to the football, basketball and other sport for learning experience, really good golf sports public relations. Civilians warmth than thousand words.
sas5d456asdas22010-02-14 22:58:45 +0000 #3
Several campaigns have been known as the Olympic Games outside the "non-Austrian project" in which there are billiards, golf and so on.

Olympic projects are not hard and fast was just the start of the Olympic Games only track and field events, then it is more abundant, the need for countries to apply, many countries agreed to have the opportunity to become Olympic events, such as diving, equestrian events and the like, and are gradually added to the; Also the Olympic Games host the Olympic Games drew to increase the project approval through the rate is relatively large, Chinese martial arts seems to have regarded as the Olympic Games is the project it, is not clear.



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