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Often heard in the golf birdie, eagle, etc. What is going on here?

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Par, represents the expected number of strokes it should take to play each hole, which is usually twice a putter and a number of shots by the composition of es. For example, a par three hole, you need a player in greens in regulation, then hit two putts holed two putts.

Par, is the result the players play the hole par, if par is a three or four, he should carry a 3 or 4;

birdie is to hit a bird, it is more than Par thousand less, that is, if the par is 4, he spent three to finish the hole. He was hit a birdie, that is less a meaning.

Eagle is less than the table under quasi-two point. Distance, Table 43 End Table 54 into the. This stroke less than the standard two-stroke, slap an eagle. There is another that is, double eagle double eagle, which is very rare in the golf course a success. That is less than the par 3. ... Only took place in four or five holes. Also known as golden eagle, Albtrass is the albatross, which is to set out the basis of merit.

Bogey in the English middle finger monster, it must mean bad luck, multi-used score.



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