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Soft golf ball and hard ball What's the difference?

Beas Little 02102010-02-15 00:10:04 +0000 #1
If you have to get a ball that is what can be done quickly and effectively the distinction between professional and soft balls or hard balls? ?
foxhaver2010-02-15 00:23:59 +0000 #2
Fore-hole, but can not see the ball come A

according to the hardness to distinguish: if according to the hardness of the ball (Compression) to distinguish between the words can be divided into three kinds of 100,90 and 80 ; 100 is the highest hardness of a ball, 90 times, 80 of the most soft, (60,70,85,105, etc. Of course, there are actually other hardness, in this only for roughly the distinction); Generally speaking, when we play when the club come into contact with the ball an instant, the ball will be hit head squeezed into a deformed inward in order to hit the ball the same strength, with the more hard-ball invaginations smaller extent, with the more soft-ball in the greater the extent of subsidence; but the extent of retraction is too big or too small is bad, the result is the farthest ball can not achieve results.

Strength of a big person too soft ball, because the ball is too large and the degree of retraction will be offset by a rebound the ball and the ball is too soft because of the rotation makes the ball enough in the ball in the air and thus reduce the floating time, which have enabled him to the ball from the great discounted; on the contrary, the strength of the people use a small ball too hard, because the ball invaginations can not give full play to the inadequacy of the ball makes the ball from the rebound but was also affected, but also may be due to the higher hardness of the ball when hitting its shock power and even greater pain caused by his arm injury.

In general you have to have the experience to distinguish between soft and hard ball, I put the ball on the chest with the hands-off position, so that the ball free-fall, watch bounce too high, most people feel out of Yongshou Nie is very difficult to use nail also can see that the ball is soft or hard skin, rather than the entire ball Flex



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