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I want to ask. Who knows golf equipment group posts information

794,657,1112010-02-15 00:10:57 +0000 #1
advance to you have to say thank you.
Zhang Shi-bean2010-02-15 00:15:38 +0000 #2
part of the club is divided into head, shaft and grip, another head shot face, shaft and grip, another head shot face, sole, bar back, head, heel and neck and other parts, while the weight, and dessert (dessert is the best batting surface part of the rod) is designed to put more emphasis on focus. Shaft in order to iron and carbon fiber between the two majority, which focuses on control, the latter focused on the distance, each with advantages and disadvantages; in terms of hardness have different options on the principle, professional and amateur athletes should choose the hard shaft, while the women and elderly persons of the opposite. Grip with rubber-based, but also leather, choose should be a comfortable, non-slip hand as a criterion.

Club approximately divided into three types: woods, irons and putter. Woods and irons are numbers to distinguish between rod length and face angle of different sizes, and different clubs have played different distances, numbers less representative of the more distant and less play.

If the irons can be hit on the 7th O 14 yards, hit a 16 on the 5th iron can be O yards. To hit the court to determine how much distance can be in accordance with usual practice when the club to choose, but the gap between each club about 10 yards

15 yards is normal.

Wood because the wood club head is made of the name, but now there are many made of aluminum or titanium head listing the advantage of batting dessert wide distance and the stability of the good, but is still the traditional wooden Some people love to use. Iron can be divided into two kinds of forging and casting, forging shall be made to create artificial price more expensive but the shape and feel better for a single handicap players; cast cavity back style for the majority, hitting a wider dessert, suitable for most people. Wedge (PITCHING WEDGE) and wedge (SAND WEDGE), also belongs to iron, the former applies to the greens in the vicinity, which applies to bunker inside.

Putting green on the applied, there is a wide variety of putting the center of gravity low and smoothly, aesthetics, shall be a good putter. Now a set of clubs in Taiwan for about 6000

15000 thousand range (including bags), import a set of clubs 20000

Fri ten thousand dollars, of course, is not your club is a good pole, others fight not necessarily good clubs you use should carry a well, the most important is whether the right. In order to choose their own clubs, preferably an expert or professional teachers to help for reference. Select club should pay attention to the following matters: the club is too heavy, too long. Grip too thick; loft is beautiful, whether swing smoothly.



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