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Changchun Is there a place to play golf

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Changchun Moon Lake Forest Golf Driving Range, is a good place for beginners practice, charges a total of two kinds of methods for a membership card (years Card 6180 yuan, 3,300 yuan quarter cards, monthly cards 1,200 yuan) and a VIP card (50 baskets of 1,500 yuan, 100 baskets of 2850 yuan, 5400 yuan basket 200), membership cards, the cards can be a year the two men to avoid a car Admission free exercise bar; membership card of the season cards and cards can avoid a car on a person's tickets free practice shot; VIP unlimited number of times, quantities, free use of exercises under the above are valid for one year.

In the Asia and Thailand road intersection of Main Street and free hospital on the 18th of Nanling Stadium Gate Golf Club, I have a professional golf club coaches, indoor and outdoor driving range, a total of 30 play spaces, please consult 0431-87061378 or 0431 -85837116.

Company Tel :0431-87061378

Company Address: South Gate District, Changchun City, the liberation of road 998, Block A, Fortune Plaza, Room 1005

Club Tel :0431-85837116

Club Address: South Gate District, Changchun City, the free road Gate No. 18, No. 2829 ( Jilin Provincial Skating Hall opposite)



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