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Why is golf such a big elastic

nipped brain activists2010-02-15 00:11:29 +0000 #1
feels so hard, flexible larger than the ping-pong.

Want to science and a little explanation, 3q
2 re-ponley2010-02-15 00:27:29 +0000 #2
golf is made of solid rubber ball, coated with a layer of rubber line, coated with a layer of white paint. Ping-pong is a hollow, of course, solid spherical change resilience large, so good elasticity
shiyuan16882010-02-15 00:55:38 +0000 #3
Golf Surface deliberately created a lot of dents.

Golf aerodynamic shape is one of the outcomes research. This flow around a sphere (ie, the flow around the ball) and Turbulence Transition and the separated flow phenomenon.

Smooth flow around the sphere, the turbulence Transition occurred late, with the turbulent flow of the corresponding rule is called laminar flow. The laminar boundary layer more prone to the phenomenon of flow separation (ie, flow line from the ball surface), resulting in a large backwater area behind the ball, resulting in significant resistance (type resistance). To make golf a small distance from the flight.

Dent the surface of the ball when the dent occurred Transition to promote turbulence, turbulent boundary layer flow separation phenomenon occurs is not easy, so that a small ball behind the standing water areas, reducing the resistance. Increasing the distance to golf flight.

Turbulent friction than laminar flow should be large, but compared with the shape resistance played a role too small, the total resistance is smaller.

Golf surface of the small protrusions can also serve to promote separation of the role, but some disturbance on the flow processes are difficult to control, resulting in a number of lateral force (also known as lift).

Rules of flow around a sphere there is no lift of the. Rotation will produce lift. A suitable lift-drag ratio would increase the flight distance. In different directions of rotation will cause "Xiang Jiaoqiu" effect.

Another golf Golf rules shall be designed, manufactured or intended change is different from the sphere with the symmetry of the characteristics of the ball.



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