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Kids how to participate in training to become professional golf player?

Step on La2010-02-15 01:10:53 +0000 #1
The little boy want to golf training, where training is better, how to become a professional player? This is probably how much the cost of the middle?
Lin Feng JAY2010-02-15 01:26:39 +0000 #2
do not know what circumstances you are

for example, the experience of the domestic players in general, is probably the first in the club when the lower level, such as caddies, marshals and then gain entry into the Athletic Training Department to participate in amateur competitions in golf , integral, and then to participate in the annual career coaching exam. requirement is 4 days less than 80, but also golf professional English test. over the last is a professional player to participate in the annual examination, and relevant information is as follows, if read Traditional to a message I do not know ..

in China for the professional player with a dedicated professional players committee 2,3 year professional player should be carried on professional and technical examinations and rules examination. Professional examinations required to play 18-hole competition was played four, men's performance to reach an average of 74, women were asked an average of 76, the examination by those who can only become a professional player, and get a Chinese professional player card. Just before the system a one-time lifetime registration, but under the Chinese Golf Association in the development of high-status quo, is considering reform, pro player on a certain number of years after qualification, the qualification should be re-examined in order to achieve a high occupational groups quality.

I hope you are satisfied with my answer
15,939,280,0092010-02-15 01:40:47 +0000 #3
I agree



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