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Why do golf balls made uneven. . Is the resistance Mody?

Yin Yi2010-02-15 01:11:18 +0000 #1
Golf Why should made uneven. . Is the resistance Mody?
Car Kam2010-02-15 01:17:06 +0000 #2
Golf reason for the design of the surface of many small pits, the purpose is to make golf balls fly farther. Statistics found that a smooth surface of the golf, hit by the professional players, the flight distance of the surface only about half the pit of golf.

In order to find the optimum launch conditions, golf industry engineers and scientists on the impact between the club and the ball held in-depth study. Impact usually lasted for 1 / 2000 second, it determines the ball speed, launch angle and ball spin rate. Then, the ball's flight path would be the impact of gravity and aerodynamics. Therefore, the best aerodynamic design of golf balls flying has become so far the key.

Air for any in which the movement of objects, including golf, will exert force. Put your hand out a moving vehicle, can easily explain this phenomenon. Aerodynamics at home this force is divided into two parts: the lift and drag. The role of resistance to the direction and movement in the opposite direction, while the lift of the role of the direction is upward. Golf can be the surface of a small pit to reduce air resistance and increase the ball lift.

A high-speed flight of golf, its front there will be a high-pressure zone. Air flows through the ball behind the leading edge of re-flow will be separated with the ball. At the same time, the ball will be a turbulent wake behind the zone, undulating flow disturbance in this region, leading to the rear low pressure. The scope of wake size will affect the resistance. Generally speaking, the smaller the range wake, the greater the pressure behind the ball, air resistance on the ball smaller. Allows the air to form a layer of small pits close to the ball surface of a thin turbulent boundary layer, making a smooth air flow over backward to go down the ball some, thereby reducing the scope of wake. Therefore, it is the drag on the ball pit is only about half of a smooth sphere.

Small pits will also affect the golf lift. A surface is not smooth swing the ball will be like an airplane wing to generate lift as air deflection. The ball can spin the ball under pressure higher than the above, this imbalance can produce upward thrust. Spin golf provided about half of the lift. The other half is from the small pits, which can provide the best lift.

Most of the golf balls have 300 to 500 small pits, each pit, the average depth of about 0.025 centimeters. Resistance and lift on the pit depth is very sensitive: Even if only 0.0025 centimeters such a small difference, but also can cause great trajectory and distance effects. Small pits are usually circular, but other shapes can also have excellent aerodynamic performance, for example, some companies used to make golf clubs is hexagonal.



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