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18-year-old golf scholarship to wait for prospective employers before they can turn professional, I

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sunkobe2010-02-15 02:14:32 +0000 #2
General first test of a job coach, the exam will include playing and written tests, have passed in order to get permits before they can test professional players, but the game no problem, then you can test with (professional player right to play more demanding). Another is that you think of what to play where the players are being tested eligibility, generally called "qualifying school" exam, for example, say you want to test the qualifications of the Japan PGA Tour card, it is necessary to play over there, "qualifying school", passed before行. But most of the players on the reunification of the Chinese test qualification exam that tests on the list. This is done through the normal qualification exam to take. Another is to participate in the competition to amateur status to participate in professional games or some amateur competitions, good results (which have a fixed standard, say something and automatically match the first few professional qualifications such, the USGA has expressly provided) , you break out in advance, and will automatically qualify, and will not have the entrance exam. International is the same, for example, say you got the U.S. Amateur Open champion this year, then you get the professional qualification card, and even to participate in Grand Slam match.

But one thing, professional players each year indicators, and must play many games to take the number of points, not reach the automatic revocation of accreditation, this is also the world are the same, after the cancellation in order to become a professional player had to go too process, so it is not that you passed on the hook. Some, however, winner of the competition can enjoy eligible for an extension, such as you took, what kind of champion, qualification cards automatically extended for three years, then you play another bad the past two years does not matter, this is also the international practice.

The benefits of professional players is automatic for all club members, that is, you test down Chinese professional player eligibility, we can all pitch in mainland China in his capacity as member to play, this treatment is also good, right?

Into the golf circles, it will automatically know a lot of things, and now do not know that much detail, so the key is to learn well the ball is something we squeeze single-plank bridge, just a handful of just over a year.
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vote for me I'll tell you



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