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brock210312010-02-15 02:11:06 +0000 #1
golf caddy I want candidates to do, but the course played 100 balls to make. Look to enter a number, and then score, can be employed. I had never played golf, so that they have not. read Golf information, it is the identity and status as the levy. these days I have every day in search of information in this regard, may I ask when I interview, is to focus on entry ball? Or is it to play the perfect action to do something ?.... I saw, they could be examined not only the goal, but also includes all the conditions of trace and I need to ask how to do ..? they say, when when the assessment will be on-site video and then be able to score by 5 points ... ..
MoonlightのQing painting2010-02-15 02:18:46 +0000 #2
Your ultimate goal is not to play goal, but to pass it.

How to play I think you already know, is not nonsense.

I suggest that you practice very position, more than to see Tiger play video. I do not play golf, but golf posture is very beautiful, you should give more thought they hit the ball position. Into a slight smile, but with no self-mockery of Shinya smiled, shook his head.

Image points is very important to!

I wish you success!
jx4139185222010-02-15 02:56:27 +0000 #3
** Basic play篇

* grip, stance

1, the left hand: index finger by the pole from the palm of the first knuckle on the tightly placed at an angle across the bottom of the thick cushions rely Zhang Yuan , thumb with the index finger "V"-shaped profile should be pointing to the right eye.

2, right: full use fingers to grip, pole straight through the pressure off of the knuckle on the palm, we must grasp in the palm of your hand outside. Middle finger and ring finger the most difficult, in practice when the right hand grip, the right hand thumb and index finger away, the thumb and forefinger form a "V"-shaped pattern pointing to his chin.

3, together: two-handed grip for the right time to join together to form one. The right hand little finger on his left hand between the finger and middle finger cracks; left thumb just a smooth, concealed in right palm under the thumb of the nest.

4, stance: right foot off to imaginary square-shaped with a line parallel to the trajectory was 90 °. Left open outwards 1 / 4 to 5 # irons prevail feet separated shoulder width over the long irons # 5 on the opening was wide; more than 5 # iron short, a number of feet on the inward Long. Arms and joints of the body as far as possible try to be mean feet inward.

Respondents: ronnie_ - Director 8 1-11 14:58

Golf particular about etiquette, the following is the court should adhere to the basic courtesy of:

1. Batting or swing, they should first determine the nearby No standing or distant that no one could hit the ball into the stand of the Department, and see whether there are stones on the ground, small pebbles, twigs, etc., so as to avoid the harm of others launched into hit swing.

2. The other shots, should not be wandering in his rear, or read pinned against the road, and do not hinder each other loud noise.

3. The former group of players did not drop the ball out when the distance from the group may not hit the ball, and in front of the fast approaching when the team should be slowed down.

4. When you ball before the group Friends of the use of off fairways, greens, bunkers reinstated, they would not affect your shots, you will be happy and smooth kick down the 18-hole.

5. Hit the ball harder to find, we should make it immediately after the crew going through the gestures. Time to find the ball below the five minutes, which should make this gesture, the latter group after the players have passed and the distance away from the falling ball in order to continue playing.

6. A hole is finished, should immediately leave the green.

7. For the distance, club selection, should be discussed with the caddy, caddy, but not to a person other than to ask questions, seek guidance.

8. Do not in a long towel wrapped around his waist, entered the hall or restaurant to be hat.

9. If no special provisions for two matches should be more three-or four-game matches are given priority and may be beyond the. The single player to play without priority, the priority should be given priority by any team.

10. To play an entire round (18 holes) by the game less to play a full round of the competition as a priority.

11. When a group of players can not maintain a proper position on the floor, and behind the players in front of a group of more than one hole on the back of a group should be allowed beyond the first hit.

12. Playing time should be spent on Hurry up, Do not let your partner waiting.

13. Unfamiliar with the rules before the courts.

There are many details, such as

Security is a top priority Stadium

safety in the game of golf is so important that golf rules and etiquette will be listed in the opening of its prime location. If a player on the ball and the club does not have enough knowledge of rigidity, the course will become a dangerous place. Therefore, players should be high priority, so that:

1. Do not facing the people or the local batting practice swing space, as hit the ball or unwittingly playing stones, branches and grass may be hit others; This is rude behavior;

2. take care not to swing when someone walked beside him, and do not swing when the others come from their side.

To maintain a demeanor necessary to keep quiet

to maintain a quiet environment is very important court. When playing golf, the players need to concentrate, any ring may affect the quality of shots. Therefore, the court must be Yadisangyin address. Even if you do not mind the same group of players, you have to take care of the guests to play near the other groups. In addition, avoid running on the pitch, it will cause distraction and annoyance to other players, but also damage to turf. The necessary steps should be as light brisk walking.

Control the speed of the whole play is in the details

ball faithful want to enjoy the fun of playing golf, but who do not want to consume a whole day on the court. Between the two players hit the ball too long waiting time, they will become impatient, and even loss of batting power. So to everyone's advantage when playing golf, not delays. The following is an appropriate speed to play a few suggestions:

1. Prior to each shot a one practice swing, then immediately hit the ball. Remember: If you hit the ball 120 each, and each time an additional 30 seconds to do with the exercise, you will spend for each game, 1 hour.

2. Batting sufficient time to prepare before, do not wait until it's your turn to start thinking about what the root with the club, or decide to water or played directly opposite the water hazard in front of the ball hit the insurance, it is best to take advantage of others to attack thoughtful advance the ball.

3. Walked toward the green, they observed a good position the next tee, and then placed club (or the golf cart parked) in the green from the side closer to the next tee, so kick down the hole after the you can avoid detours, both save energy and would not delay the time

4. immediately in front of a group of players. When they left the green, you should have been ready to hit the ball well. Do not mind will catch up later in a group of you, as long as the previous one group to maintain an appropriate distance and speed of play on the list.

Do not hit the most vulnerable to hit

always remind ourselves to keep the right "play speed", will help you follow a group of former players, and to ensure that does not affect the play behind the group. However, the former group followed the same time they must be careful not too close and even the ball in front of the players. They must be a group of former players to leave the driving distance to all the scope after I started to play.

Some of the players encounter in the field have played in front of slow people, will show very impatient, and this is understandable. If you wait too long, you can go in the past to remind the former group speed, but do not use them to hit the ball the way towards urging each other, this mode is very dangerous, not any polite losses than gains.

I ask whether the first move by

a group of players through the first request is to play the most difficult to implement also the most likely one of the controversial case. Be difficult to implement because it is tantamount to suggesting that they delay the time to play, even if true, would cause the other's unhappiness. So you intend to request the first passed, they should look for the right time, very polite to us. The following suggestions a try:

1. In presenting first prior to the adoption, shall determine the front there is sufficient space. If there is another group before they play then you will certainly be rejected.

2. After obtaining permission, should be completed as soon as possible thanked shot. In case you are playing a "Xiu Qiu" (this case will feel the pressure is likely to play mistake), it is best not to give him a shot of another ball, in order to avoid resentment of others.

Stay calm, according to the rules can continue to play.

3. Between you and the former group has been vacant for more than one hole, indicating slower you play, if you feel the back of a very tight group of chasing, you may want to pass them first take the initiative to ask and to provide convenience. The most appropriate time is when you reach the green, the back a group of waving hands let them marked with the green one. While they walked toward the green space, you finish your putt. The next hole after the first kick-off tee ask them to.

Ready Golf, so that prepared the players first hit

is not a contest, or other formal occasions, then the same group to play the ball between friends, allowing the players first hit ready. In other words, even if the same group a certain player's ball is not the one farthest from the hole, as long as he (she) has been prepared to hit the ball well, they can hit the ball first. Provided that with the same group of players to reach a consensus in advance of the present game, will play Ready Golf, this companion would not think you do not understand the rules, on the contrary you will feel gentlemanly.

Let the players first hit ready to help speed up the pace of play. But the ball must be determined before, in the same group everyone knows you are going to hit the ball, you also know the location of other people at that time, because you do not want the ball to anyone, even did not want the ball in the same group of Friends of the scene at the same time swing .

Driving the ball car and driver's license do not need to pay attention to

players can tee off at the stadium car, but only if you have to understand the basic knowledge of ground traffic, will neither be able to do damage while driving the pitch, while not offensive to other players.

Should be kept uniform traffic in order to avoid sending large noise. Should always pay attention to traffic around the ball, once discovered that someone was preparing to hit the ball, they must be stopped, waiting for him to continue driving after stroke.

As the situation in which the different seasons and pitch the ball the ball will apply different rules of vehicle travel, the most common, there are two:

First, the ball only vehicles traveling in the driveway. The rule applies to the ground than the swampy course, designed to avoid the fairway turf were damaged.

Second, the 90-degree rule. The rule requires the ball a vehicle driving in the driveway and reached the ball-point flush with the fall of the location, turn 90 degrees right angle, across the fairway to open to the ball position directly beside the ball to open after the original path back to the fairway and continue moving forward . 90 degrees so that the implementation of rules of both players drove to the ball position next to the smallest extent, can damage the fairway grass.

Must be borne in mind that, in any course under any circumstances, golf carts, pull cars are forbidden to open (push) on the greens and tee areas, otherwise it will cause serious damage to golf course, is inexcusable. Usually the court will have a nameplate car driving and parking directions ball area, the players should be strictly followed and implemented.

I wish you a happy school ball
saudy12342010-02-15 02:34:56 +0000 #4
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