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Golf carts are vehicles do

myth 8zc2010-02-15 02:11:25 +0000 #1
have a good reason or regulations specified that

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355,935,5882010-02-15 02:25:30 +0000 #2
Which car will take a look at the definition of bar

Automotive (Automobile; Car) car is a drive on their own , primarily for transportation of non-rail vehicles. Formerly known as 'auto', because multi-loaded with gasoline engines, it is referred to as vehicle. "Vehicles with four or more wheels, do not rely on track and frame lines, can be self-driven land vehicles. With a high-speed, mobility, easy to use and so on. primarily for human use or carriage of goods by, after modification, also be used for lifting, fire, ambulance and other special purpose though, has long been the academic circles right: "Who was the first inventor of a car", there are different views and discussion. However, the vast majority of scholars are the German engineer Karl Benz (KralBenz) as the first inventor.

Modern Chinese Dictionary "as" a car that uses internal combustion engine-powered, mainly in roads or means of transport on the roads there are usually four or more of the rubber tires. Used to transport persons or goods. "But that to the vehicle under the strict definition of any errors. A motorcycle is also a self-driven, no track, with the gasoline engine; two tractors also use the internal combustion engine, no track, there are four or more wheels; 3 is the last steam locomotive use of outboard engines; four cars now can also use natural gas, coal gas, methanol as fuel, not to mention there are solar cars, electric cars and so on. Therefore, the current interpretation of the car there are some limitations.

a new definition: car is to have independent sources of power, primarily in roads or means of transport on the roads there are usually four or more of the rubber tires. is used to transport persons or goods

If it is defined in accordance with traffic laws, it depends on the parameters of the car the car will be marked on the nameplate.

"motor vehicle" refers to the power unit drive or traction, on the roads now available for passenger or carrying out works for the conveyance of goods as well as special operations wheeled vehicles .

"non-motor vehicles" refers to the human or animal-driven vehicles on the roads, as well as device drivers, but despite power design maximum speed, empty quality and dimension to meet the national standard motorized wheelchair disabled cars, electric bicycles and other modes of transport.
WANG Lu-lu is a genius2010-02-15 02:38:01 +0000 #3
long0302142010-02-15 02:21:55 +0000 #4
not a member of bar ....



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