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Need advice azlion2011-12-08 02:19
I am thinking about buying a new ultra light gi for BJJ and Judo My current gi is an Ouana and it is
Train alone LiorP2011-11-07 19:20
how can i practice on BJJ alone
Andre Marola: Clock Choke Variation (video) dabbou2011-10-31 04:20
4th degree black belt Andre Marola demonstrates a clock choke variation when your opponent is on all
How do you prevent ring worm and other disease from BJJ grappling? chesterwood2011-10-30 23:13
Should I shower after every grappling match? If I don't shower, what oitment to apply to skin?
Korean Zombie shows Twister sub variations dabbou2011-09-27 07:14
Here is Part 3 of the Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung showing variations and alternative techniques for
$25 Challenge Grappling Tournament - NJ - Gi Only - 5/21/11 jaysculls2011-09-23 17:15
Registration is Open – Register Now As This Tournament is Only $25 and They Sell Out Fast!! ht
Andre Marola: Passing Half Guard to a Ezekiel (video) dabbou2011-09-21 06:13
Nova Uniao's 4th-degree black belt Andre Marola demonstrates an effective pass from inside an oppone
Shawn Williams on Passing De La Riva Guard (video) dabbou2011-09-21 05:21
Shawn Williams of 5 Star Martial Arts demonstrates his way of passing the De La Riva guard which can
Future star Prometheus2011-09-19 00:24
BJJ World Champions Horizontal Medal Chart (1996-2011) BruceLee2011-09-15 11:20
BJJ World Champions Horizontal Medal Chart (1996-2011)
Mundials today at noon Pr0d1gy2011-08-30 07:13
Black belt divisions start today. There's a free stream at budovideos today. Brackets for absol
Bravo v Gracie 2 set ADCC in Nottingham dwarfofdoom2011-08-16 09:26
Jiu-Jitsu Question bigredwhodat2011-08-16 06:33
Hey guys. First time poster(I'm not a troll....I promise). Anyway, I live in Houston and I'm tr
Just had first BJJ training session! spasgur2011-08-09 05:21
Hey guys! Today I pulled myself together and went to the local BJJ and MMA gym and trained for
VIDEO - Transitional Escaping and Bottom Escape Concepts jaysculls2011-07-31 21:19
In this video I talk about something that is commonly taught and done when you are caught in side co
How long in Judo to get decent grappling? doristilton2011-07-28 21:19
Roughly how long would i have to do Judo for to get a decent grappling background to combine with my
True Fight Gear 100% Durable Michaelwayne2011-07-28 13:20
Hello Everyone, I'm new to Jiu Jitsu and so I recently became in the Market for a good Quality Kimon
58 More Solo Grappling Drills in 17 Minutes jaysculls2011-07-26 17:14
Well, I have to say that I honestly wasn't expecting all of the great feedback and comments on the
33 Solo Grappling Drills in 7 Minutes jaysculls2011-07-22 03:20
Someone asked me: What are some solo drills and exercises that I can do by myself to help me improve
Transition from Grappling to MMA here socalpankration2011-07-20 16:20
Anyone interested in the most affordable, safest and fairest form of MMA tournament send em our way!
The Challenge Grappling Tournament - New Jersey - ONLY $25 plus Prizes - 1/29/11 jaysculls2011-07-15 05:27
The Challenge #1 – No-Gi Grapplers Challenge (Pre-Registration Only) THIS IS A PRE-REGISTRATION
Well I am done isshjui2011-07-08 02:17
I have decided to hang up my martial arts career. After two total shoulder replacements, broken feet
Thank You Jiu Jitsu simonwa2011-07-04 03:24
I'm not a big dude, I'm only 5'8 but Im pretty muscular, I weigh about 165. Anyway the other da
Cain Velasquez wrestling PRIDEFC7772011-06-21 16:40
Cain's wrestling is really good in MMA .. i watched a video of him in college wrestling http:
pretty sick demian maia no gi seminar online on saturday vegasgroundgame2011-06-06 05:23
my cousin trains in san diego and knows im a huge demian maia fan so i guess demian is doing a semin
ADCC Announces new North American Federation cococrab2011-06-04 15:13
ADCC fighters and fans, It is official. The Abu Dhabi Combat Club has announced it's newest Nor
How the AVERAGE grappler can get sponsored and GET SPONSORED NOW! (VIDEO) jaysculls2011-05-13 21:34
Hey There, Lately I've been getting a lot of people e-mailing me about how they can get spons
Cesar Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructional DVD tokyomma2011-05-08 05:40
"Cesar Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructional DVD" English . MPEG1 352x288 25.00fps . MPEG 44100
Stephan Kesting’s High Percentage Leg Locks tokyomma2011-05-03 05:19
"Stephan Kesting’s High Percentage Leg Locks" English . Xvid 464x352 29.97fps 561Kbps . MPEG 48000
Karo Parisyan Judo For Mixed Martial Arts DVD (6 Vol) tokyomma2011-04-27 05:17
"Karo Parisyan Judo For Mixed Martial Arts DVD (6 Vol) English . Xvid 608x464 29.97fps 1088Kbps .
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