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De La Riva defeated in Japan

DT2010-05-17 09:30:53 +0000 #1

*Professional BJJ show

September 19th


DIFFA Ariake


Yasuko Mogi vs. Masako Yoshida

Mogi by submission (5:39, Wrist Lock)

Naomi Suzuki vs. Asako Murano

Suzuki by point(0-0, Advantage 2-0)

Tetsuya Kondo vs. Luchiano Yamasaki

Luchiano by point(0-0, Advantage 1-0)

Satoshi Koutani vs. MAX Masuzawa

Koutani by submission (2:56, rear naked choke)

Katsunori Kataniwa vs. Makoto Aramaki

Aramaki by point (0-0, Advantage 2-1)

Shinya Aoki vs. Naoyoshi Watanabe

Watanabe by points(8-0).

Takeo Tani vs. Ayumu 'GOZO' Shiota

Shiota by submission (4:31, triangle choke)

Hiroyuki Abe vs. Masato Kataoka

Kataoka by point (2-0)

Koichi Kuwahara vs. Yuki Ishikawa

Kuwahara by point (0-0, Advantage 2-0)

TAISHO vs. Takeshi Yamazaki

TAISHO by point (0-0, Advantage 2-1)

Kuniyoshi Hironaka vs. Takuma Tokito

Hironaka by point (0-0, Advantage 6-0)

Takashi Watanabe vs. Masakazu Imanari

Watanabe by point (22-0)

Yuki Nakai vs. Ricaldo De La Riva

Nakai by point (2-0)
kimura2010-05-17 09:33:38 +0000 #2
I'm confused... was this jiujitsu or judo or what? Give me some pictures!
DT2010-05-17 09:59:56 +0000 #3
If I had pictures, I would post them here.

And it is clearly written above: professional bjj show. If you don´t know, bjj means Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
themunchies2010-05-17 10:12:13 +0000 #4
Who is De La Riva?
DT2010-05-17 10:37:30 +0000 #5

De La Riva faces Yuki Nakai at September 19th

Submitted by: Luca Atalla

Posted On 08/16/2004

With R.N.

'I’m still happy and I’m fighting well. When I am not anymore, I will retire' explains on of Carlson Gracie’s most famous pupils, Ricardo De La Riva. Now, at the age of 39, he travel to Japan to face Yuki Nakai in a challenge match of 10 minutes under Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu rules. The match is scheduled for September 19th, 2004.

The ‘Ground Impact’ challenge will be in Japan, where De La Riva will probably arrive on September 17th. Will the different time zone be another opponent? The guard playing virtuoso, is very discreet. He doesn’t say controversial things, and he has alsways demonstrated sharp control during his fights. His main academy is in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but the brand 'De La Riva' is all around Brazil, and in other countries like USA, Canada, Spain and France.

Now De La Riva introduces himself to Japanese Jiu-Jitsu fans: ‘I’m a black-belt since 1986. My debut with a GI was in January of 1980, when I was fifteen. I’m proud of being a Carlson Gracie pupil. Today, I’m a black-belt in the 5o degree. My best fights were against Royler Gracie, around 1990. We fought 3 times and I won twice. Royler is a great reference for me. My last Jiu-Jitsu fight was agaist Fredson Paixão, in the Jiu-Jitsu World Championship 2002 (De La Riva

lost the fight). After that, I got my left arm injured and I needed to stop for a while. Now, I’m back, against Nakai. I hope that the fans of my old Jiu-Jitsu pupil Rodrigo ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira will root for me in Japan. After the challenge against Nakai, I intend to do some seminars there. It will be great!’
DT2010-05-17 09:58:38 +0000 #6

More info about this event are available here, in Japanese:



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