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Karo Parisyan Judo For Mixed Martial Arts DVD (6 Vol)

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"Karo Parisyan Judo For Mixed Martial Arts DVD (6 Vol)

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Judo for Mixed Martial Arts is the first instructional series ever produced on how to effectively use the power of Judo for real No Holds Barred fighting! Starring Karo Parisyan, 4 time International Judo champion and Ultimate Fighter, this series breaks down the most powerful throws that can be used in a real MMA match. Karo Parisyan has proven to be the very best fighter in the world utilizing Judo in MMA and has developed an amazing system of takedowns and ground work that are effective even in the midst of punches and kicks. Karo has taken Judo to an all new level by taking traditional Judo throws and making them work from the clinch and tie up, and then by dazing his opponents with these brutal throws. Do not mistake these moves for simple Judo throws without the kimono. Every throw that Karo uses has been completely reworked to be effective in a No Holds Barred fight. Each throw is thoroughly covered with the submissions that are available after your opponent hits the ground. This is another World Martial Arts exclusive!

VOLUME 1: Osoto-Gari

This DVD details all of the steps needed to hit this takedown in a Submission Grappling or No Holds Barred fight. Learn to ?shock? your opponent with your throw and gain the submission on the ground. Karo finishes his throws with multiple submissions like armbars, chokes and more!

VOLUME 2: Ouchi-Gari

This is the most comprehensive look at this takedown from a Mixed Martial Arts view point. Learn how to create the setup without getting hit and how to hit this effective throw leaving your opponent dazed and ready to be submitted. An awesome DVD!

VOLUME 3: Drop Seoi-Nagi

This is one of Karo?s favorite throws and one that he has used with great success in MMA! Every detail is shown with step by step instruction on this awesome throw and all of the possible variations. Another great DVD by World Martial Arts.

VOLUME 4: Uchi-Mata

This throw is one of the most famous and powerful throws in traditional Judo. In this DVD, Karo teaches how to use this amazing throw for MMA! Every detail and variation you can think of is covered on this video with the strategies that makes this technique effective when dealing with a striking opponent. You will love this DVD!

VOLUME 5: Kimura

The most famous throw and submission in grappling comes to No Holds Barred fighting in this incredible DVD! This is one of Karo?s most effective techniques and one that he is using on a regular basis in all of his MMA fights. Learn the Kimura from standing and on the ground with counters and offenses never seen on video until now!

VOLUME 6: Submissions

This volume displays the devastating submissions of Judo that are effective in NO Holds Barred fighting. Karo Parisyan?s submissions are tested and proven in shows like the UFC and have led him to submit many of his opponents in his matches. Learn chokes, armbars and leglocks that are different then the typical Jiu-Jitsu approach to submissions on the ground.




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