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Throw Question thelegend2011-04-06 12:38
On wikipedia it says the MMA throw known as "the Whizzer" is a no gi variation of the ippon seoi nag
Cesar Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructional Guide tokyomma2011-04-06 11:22
"Cesar Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructional DVD" English . MPEG1 352x288 25.00fps . MPEG 44100
Grappling??????????????????? britney2011-03-31 08:22
ok i am in judo and im a member of a mma website and i was talking about judo and they said judo is
help isshjui2011-03-30 15:21
it may be I am getting old but i can not remember the name of the submission I am teaching tomorrow
Conceptual Video on Leverage in Grappling jaysculls2011-02-07 17:23
What's up everyone, Just wanted to share a video on that I made that talks about the concept
Fushida Mantis gi review radamez2011-02-06 19:18
New Note 36 I have owned a total of 8 Gis, and this will be my first review of a gi, so be nice
USA Judo to host Ju Jitsu at National Tournaments cococrab2011-01-09 14:25
USA Judo Adds Ju-Jitsu to National Tournaments (Colorado Springs, Colo.) – In an effort to help
Kosei Inoue Video Interview (re Olympics) BruceLee2011-01-09 13:20
Kosei Inoue Interview from the Budokowai:
How do i kick out from a cover in WWE pc game? brandam2011-01-08 03:18
i am playin WWE on my PC and i am not able to figure out how to kick out from a cover.? its not give
45 Min of Video of Dealing with and Breaking Grips jaysculls2010-12-30 05:41
**I usually post any of my content or videos directly in the post however this content is too larg
Leverage Points for Grappling Part 1 jasculs2010-12-16 07:26
The Leverage Points of the Human Body for Grappling Author: Jason Scully www.GrapplersGuide.c
(Article) How to Effectively Take Notes Part 1 jaysculls2010-12-13 19:14
Effectively Taking Notes For Your Improvement Part 1 By Jason Scully The Grapplers Guide - 100
Swain Flexi Roll Review - Gym Mats and Home Mats - Grappling BJJ Judo MMA jaysculls2010-12-12 02:21
How’s it going everyone, Just wanted to share my experience with a particular mat company that
Quality Grappling Tourney - Wall, NJ April 3rd - 2 Match Guarantee jaysculls2010-12-12 07:33
No-Gi Submission Grappling Tournament, Atlanta GA 3rd April ATTATL2010-12-12 19:27
The first Poderoso Tournament in the Southeast will be held at the Combat Sport Expo located at Rena
Hot as hell Meisha Tate in action superfreack2010-12-13 06:55
I was taking some pictures at the Grappling world championships two weekends ago for and on
Grapplers Quest -- Live Results And Brackets From Orlando 4/16-4/17 GregoryLapp2010-12-12 14:52
View live results from this weekend's GRAPPLERS QUEST here:
Best Top Chokes - Videos Inside - North South and Brabo jaysculls2010-12-12 10:25
**If you're on Facebook please become a fan of The Grapplers Guide on Facebook: http://www.facebook
Constant Movement Drill - Top Game (Video) jaysculls2010-12-12 17:47
What's up everyone, Just wanted to share a drill that I had my students to do help them build c
Need help training with an injured ankle. Pistolpete2010-12-12 23:20
I rolled my ankle pretty bad about 6 weeks ago. It was just about all healed up and then a week and
does this school sound good? thekid172010-12-12 14:26
went and took a lesson at my local bjj academy and they taught me the armbar from the guard. i learn
3 Deep Half Guard Leg Positions jaysculls2010-12-13 03:16
The Deep Half Guard has been a really popular half guard lately and Stephan Kesting just sent out a
Def One of My Top Butterlfy Passes! jaysculls2010-12-12 03:32
I've been getting a lot of e-mails from Stephan Kesting lately and he sent out a video to my e-mail
Almost 10 Minutes of Omo Plata Details jaysculls2010-12-12 03:45
Missed this one in my email address but when I came across this it made me think about all of the di
Robot Legs Guard Passing Drill jaysculls2010-12-13 08:42
This is the last e-mail that I got from Stephan Kesting and he calls it robot leg. It's a guard
Mundials scrove2010-12-13 05:45
Budovideos : is going to be streaming the Mundials on Saturday/Sun
BJJ Mundials Champion Medalist Chart BruceLee2010-12-12 21:45
BJJ Mundials Champion Medalist Chart: Medalists with a Gold DVD Icon have an Instructional DVD, Link
Possible Tips? LonewolfMMA2010-12-12 07:53
I have my own MMA School and I've been teaching since I was 16 but lately I've been having some prob
Quitting Grappling dwarfofdoom2010-08-03 00:22
Yeah so I am seriously thinking about quitting grappling/martial arts all together. As most of
Good Stuff thehughes12010-07-25 21:14
Just took my first BJJ class. That was some of the most fun I have had in a while.
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