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Guard Armbar to Back Attack – New Video vincentperrez2010-05-17 01:40
19 year old JT Torres demonstrates “Guard Armbar to Back Attack”. This is a no gi back take from the
Standing 10-Finger Guillotine – New Video vincentperrez2010-05-17 03:12
19 year old JT Torres shows his variation of 10-Finger Guillotine. Nice innovative technique. Check
JT "Spiderman" Torres Gets Promoted To BJJ Black Belt – Video vincentperrez2010-05-17 05:36
Recently JT Torres got promoted to Black Belt. This video features the black belt award ceremony. Ge
War of Sweeps – New Video vincentperrez2010-05-16 23:32
This video features JT, competing in his first BJJ Black Belt Tournament. This match was a WAR of sw
Mental Muscle – Part 2 vincentperrez2010-05-16 23:46
What is motivation? Motivation is the fulcrum on which your sports career hinges. Motivation
Mental Perspective – Winning Attitude vincentperrez2010-05-17 00:58
Attitude is all about developing the right mind-set and outlook to play in a competitive game. Attit
Back From The Belly Out Armbar vincentperrez2010-05-17 02:18
19 Year Old BJJ Brown Belt JT “Spiderman” Torres demonstrates one of his back taking techniques that
JT Vs Cyborg – Video vincentperrez2010-05-17 02:52
This video features the match between JT Torres and Cyborg. JT lost this one. Quite a boring match.
Mental Perspective - Concentration vincentperrez2010-05-16 23:10
"When pressure is at its peak, that's when your concentration level is at its highest.” – Tiger Wood
The Road to Become a Black Belt Champion vincentperrez2010-05-16 22:59
It’s a nice site. It features the black belt matches of JT Torres. There are 6 videos in all. The fi
Countering Sprawl – New Video vincentperrez2010-05-17 03:58
19 year old JT Torres shows the technique of “COUNTERING SPRAWL”. He was able to hit this move in on
ADCC Regionals will now feed into the Trials cococrab2010-05-16 23:15
We are proud to announce that the 2010 National Championships will also serve as the 2010 US Trials
starting out in bjj cfrisk19892010-05-17 03:17
I am 20 years old and have recently wanted to make a start in mixed martial arts. I decided to join
ADCC Texas 500+Competitors, Vegas Next cococrab2010-05-17 02:16
ADCC Texas Championships was a huge success over this past weekend. We started the day at 9:30am and
Free Jeff Monson seminar at ADCC Las Vegas cococrab2010-05-16 23:34
Grapplers. We at ADCC support our grapplers and in turn our grapplers support us. We are determine
ADCC Vegas Advanced Adult Winners Going to Nationals cococrab2010-05-16 23:24
We are happy to announce these competitors who have qualified to go to ADCC Nationals 2010 Male Di
NCAA/MMA Wrestling Lineage Tree Version 2.0 BruceLee2010-05-17 02:36
Traces the Wrestling Lineage of MMA/UFC Fighters like Chuck Liddell, Couture, Jens Pulver, Josh Punk
ADCC Great Lakes is Now Open cococrab2010-05-17 02:35
Grapplers, You can now start registering for the ADCC Great Lakes Regional Championships on Se
Judo World Championsihps (Aug 26-30, Holland) BruceLee2010-05-17 02:19
Judo World Championships (Aug 26-30, Rotterdam, Holland)
Judo Techinques, Tips and Discussion Thread BruceLee2010-05-17 01:09
All judo related discussion should go here. If you do judo, post here what belt you are, I have
Judo World Champions Chart BruceLee2010-05-16 22:45
Timeline of World Judo Champions from 1956-2009:
ADCC Pre-Registration cococrab2010-05-16 23:19
Grapplers, Registration is open for: ADCC Great Lakes - September 12th in Grand Rapids,
Seattle ADCC Open To All cococrab2010-05-16 22:58
Grapplers and Fans, ADCC Northwest is only a week away. It is very important to know that this
Some training tips celluliteradio2010-05-17 00:39
Okay, my next grappling competition is in about a month. My first one was a couple months ago, and w
Video - 3 Move Combo - Armbar to Oma Plata to Back Roll Sweep jaysculls2010-05-16 23:30
Hey Guys, Figured I'd share another video with all of you. This one is a 3 move combination fro
Grappling Workout (Video) jaysculls2010-05-17 00:19
Hey Everyone, Wanted to share one of many workouts that I do to help my grappling especially w
I'm gonna be grappling with BABALU on Saturday! autothreat19852010-05-16 23:31
Peep it!!
ADCC Color Brackets (98-09) & ADCC Champions Chart BruceLee2010-05-16 22:43
ADCC Champions Chart: 1998 65kg: http:/
Do you learn how to do takedowns in BJJ? roger7772010-05-16 22:26
Do you learn how to do takedowns in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? There is a class not too far from me.
BJJ Academy Street View Photos/Map Index BruceLee2010-05-16 22:26
Scroll down the page of the links to see the Academy Street View Photo/Map. Should be useful when
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