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A supplement that doesnt make me pOOP!!!

mmagiant2010-05-20 05:36:00 +0000 #1
Alright everyone...Im here to post about my triumphant

Lets just say that a lot of supplements arent easily digested by my body.

Been searching for a pre-workout sup that doesnt kill my body and that works and I finally think I found it!!

COMBAT FUEL by Lifesource Nutrition.

or just google lifesource nutrition

Let me go through the list of products I tried before I found the one that finally agreed with me...(and worked)

BSN no-explode: blow out after half a tub (decent pumps, bad taste in my opinion)

V12 turbo: = colon blow

Jack3d: good price but red

superpump: GREAT taste....decent results, diarreah.....

THEN....Combat Fuel....

Great taste, cheap per serving (65 servings per tub)!!!! Insane pumps, 10lb strength gain in 1 week.

and best of all....NO POOPING PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!

You guys will thank me on this

Been through 2 tubs and I will never take anything else pre-workout.

Hope this helps past diarreah is your gain...



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